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  1. Welcome James a lot of good advice here as for tongs and tools do your research so you can know what the tool looks like then check flea markets I find a lot in piles of rusty stuff rule of thumb if it looks all polished up or you spend to much time looking at it the price will be too much I have collected many top tools hot cuts and such were they thought it was some weird hammer or hatchet for a dollar tongs from $1-15 and always strike when the iron is hot
  2. By all means always have it in writing I had a issue about 6 months ago were doing a demo job on a old mill this place covered about 40 Acres and it had tracks run all through the place I have about 20 ft of 5 foot sections Plenty of spikes Railroad parts and its all 100 year old stuff I had pictures were we removed the stuff and a letter from job for man and a copy of a letter okay them to scrap any railroad tracks and stuff on the property and the funny part is there's not even a railroad that runs there for 10 miles any more and its all small gauge rail and I was stopped by a cop that in turned called someone from rr who weeks later showed to my house it was OK but a pain in the xxxx but the letters and pics made the difference
  3. Looks good I'm on the lucky side I haven't had to make many tongs as I find them all the time in the flea market as I'm on the east coast but they look good as a start
  4. looks like a giant harbor freight ASO think this would make a great boat anchor but i dont think i would want to hit it with a big hammer i would keep looking around and see what else comes up for sale and tell every one you know and meet that you are looking for an anvil you never know what some one has lying around
  5. great score on the buzz box i have a few of them i get them givin to me all the time i save them and give them to friends when they need them as for keeping them clean and dry mine has been out side for years and works fine i have one the was flooded in 1992 under salt water for 3 days still works fan went bad and the case is rusted bad but it still welds as for flux core 110 volt migs i have lincon weld pac 100 that i have had for about 18 years ran hundreds of spools of wires through it capable of welding 1/4 plate i've done it thousands of time made trailers that i have taken across the country many times welds hold up just fine
  6. a sprocket off a 450 dozer and some plate and 3"pipe followed me home from work made a nice vise mount or i think so anyway
  7. i think he bumped his head starting the bid a 650
  8. throw it in the fire place heat it beat it with a hammer then its got a hammerd look :)
  9. my guess would be that guy order the anvil and didnt pick it up or have the rest of the money to get it as like said before as long as you give a deposit and its befor ethey do order for casting them they will put you name on it
  10. i have a peter wright at 147 pounds i paid 100 for it off craigslist that was on the cheap endfor prices i have seen some around me go for around 200-250 in that size range but i'm cheap and would never pay more than 1 pound but then again i don't need an anvil as i have a few good luck with your deal there and if you get one post some pics of it
  11. ok the punches that i have are 5 at 1.175 inch give or take a few thousands as theres some surface rust and crud on some of them i may be able in the future to get a few more as of now this is what i got there 10 dollars with 2 dollares of that i will send to iforge as a donation for such a great site and 5 dollars for shipping in the us as for out of us the shipping will be what ever it cost if thats the case pm me and i'll find out the cost i can take paypal or check or what ever we can work out thanks for the enquires tom
  12. these drifts followed me home i will be selling some of them if anyone is interested i will figure a flat rate with shipping and i will donate some of that here if anyone show interest
  13. biggun i'm lucky as i have brown sharp mill that came with a lot of tooling if your lookng for collets little machine shop has a set for 140 and heres a link to guy that changed the tapper to r8 (shows how he did it)and at the bottom theres alink to the manual http://www.kinzers.com/don/MachineTools/VernonMill/
  14. thats one hell of a deal it new is 2900 plus shipping good luck with it
  15. heres my opion if you have to use a 110 volt welder i would go with a mig licoln or hobart a name brand i have many different welders i have 110 licoln mig i bought from homedepot 15 years ago i use flux core wire in it and have ran well over 200 pounds of wire through it and have replaced nothing on it not even the tip then i have been welding things for 30 years now if you have 220 avaible for the cheap a licoln ac 225 around here were allways cheap i have been given many over the years and i give them away when i have them it seems there asking 100-150 now on craigs list also check ebay local listings you may find some near you so there no shipping i picked up to big tig welders off there under 100 each one was 220 1 phase the othere 220 3 phase just make sure it uses the right type of electric
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