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Business cards holder ideas?

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The wife got a promotion, and with it her first business cards. She's very happy and proud about it, so I thought I"ll forge her a  desk top business cards holder.

I"m looking for design ideas, as currently I"m blank.


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14 minutes ago, BIGGUNDOCTOR said:

What does she do? Theme the holder to the job/position.

She's a leading scientist in a medical research regarding diabetes. I dont see how I can do a theme, as a card holder is very small, and my skills limited. But i"m open to ideas.

13 minutes ago, Glenn said:

Be careful as you may be overwhelmed with requests for more holders from those that see her card holder. (grin)

No worries here. So far I"m painfully not laden with (any) requests. But if there will be, I"ll be honored and happy to provide.

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Anything you can make with modeling clay, you can make in metal. Get a block of modeling clay and play with it. Watch how it moves, try different projects, use it daily.  It is a great confidence builder because by the time you get to the forge you will already know how to make the project. Just do not use your fingers to more the hot metal. (grin)

Clay is good for understanding what tools are needed, and what the tools will look like, to make a project. Use wood or anything else available to make the prototype tools and then apply it to the clay. Modify the tool as needed to make it work. This is true for everything from hand tools, decorative tools, to hot cuts, anvil tools, and tong jaws. 

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I could see the Caduceus symbol working as a card holder and it would be able to be forged out. The serpents heads could be the fore holder and the wings for the cards to lean on. 

Just learned more about that symbol through wiki. then i knew before....

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Have you ever tied a knot in round stock?  People are often impressed by recognizable metal objects that were manipulated as though they were flexible cord.

It occurs to me that you might re-purpose some military surplus surgery tools. Hemostats with long handles give you lots of stock to bend as needed so the recognizable jaws are out front, and the handles form the back of the card holder.

Alternately, you might be able to bend her initials in the stock.


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I haven't got a picture to hand but the way I made mine was by getting about a 50mm (2") long piece of tube that was about 40mm (1,1/2") diameter, drilling a 16mm (5/8") hole through the centre on both sides, cutting out the top section down to the bottom of the drill hole, then riveting that to a little round disc.

Doodle doesn't really do it justice but helps with the description anyhow. They work well and are nice and simple. Have been asked a few times for a price on making them.


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On 7/1/2018 at 2:59 AM, lyuv said:

No reason to quote what we just read.

I've messed with forging a pancreas as a gift for my endocrinologist and couldn't come up with one I liked, they all looked too much like a xxxx, no matter what I did. Maybe if I included a liver too but that was too heavy and complicated.

My orthopaedic surgeon(I don't recall the correct term for his specialty, he grinned and laughed when I called him a saw bones) was easier he asked if I'd make a table for his office using a slab of limestone someone else had given him. I did cable twists, reversed where I put the spreaders and shelf. I wanted to make him an elbow joint that'd hold cards in the joint where mine was shattered but I didn't come up with one I liked. The table was WAY easier and led me to make my first cable spring swage.

Your question has led me to think about a lot of cool things, I've written a number of stories that include plagues like Ebola as the Mcguffin. Some are nice, long and twisty. Probably make nice card holders. Probably marketable for your Wife's compatriots. Maybe in Pitre dishes Oooh, crawling out r overflowing one.

This has been a good question, good visuals and I can use them. Man I :wub: LOVE good questions, thank you.

Frosty The Lucky.

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Made this up last night, following an idea that had been rattling around in my head for a few days. The starting stock was 5/16” x 1-1/4” flat bar, slit asymmetrically. Once the metal on either side of the slit was drawn out to about 1/4" square and arched, the larger amount of metal on one side gave the arch on the back a longer circumference and therefore made it taller, which supports the cards at a nice angle.





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Jim, I was inspired by your elegant design. I thought I would try a similar one making the card holder in the shape of a broad leaf. I found that having the scroll upright wasn't as stable as I would like so I changed it to horizontal.

It holds the cards OK, but I think my next one will be better.  I'll make the leaf a little wider and curl the scroll back more. Thanks for the idea. What was your starting stock? I used 12mm round bar.


leaf card holder 1.JPG

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