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  1. Frosty, I promise to begin the process of working the 'new' off it as fast as possible. It really does detract from the overall appearance.
  2. Well, after over a year of the Lithuanian nightmare... wife told me to go ahead. So today I got my new toy from Majestic forge. It is called the Two Burner Multi-Purpose, and I am looking forward to giving it a go. Gotta put it together first, but this should be fun.
  3. Great work Rojo. My new forge is due in Wednesday, and this coming weekend I am going to get to do some hammering. May have to make some of those.
  4. No real forging involved, but I made a new version of an old filing jig. Grabbed some Tee nuts, 5/16 rod, a heim bolt, some 5/16 wing nuts, threaded rod, a bolt and bit of wood and glue/screws and Frankenfile was born.... Makes adjusting the angle a lot easier and I don't have to go from one hole to the other in reality for most of what I need it for.
  5. I had no clue what I wanted to do. I grabbed a RR spike and just wanted to play around, and this guy came up. While it was supposed to be a gator, it turned out to be a Gecko with scales on the back... Ah well. Wife loves it.
  6. Learned a valuable lesson. Even though it is 45 minutes each way, I will happily make the trip to buy my steel now. Been getting four foot chunks of mystery metal from Big Box, today I got 100 feet for 100.00. 20 feet of one inch round,, 20 feet of 3/4, 20 feet of 3/8 by 1 inch, and 40 feet of 1/4 by one. I think I should be okay for a couple days. Still trying to figure out what possessed me to buy the 1 inch round. I also have my first grinder. Not gonna set any land speed records, but it will definitely be a step up from hand forging.
  7. Friend of mine was on vacation with his wife out of state and texted me a picture of a Vulcan anvil that had a bar welded across the top, and asked if that was what I was looking for (I was using a RR Track at the time). I replied and said yes, but didn't have the extra funds at the time. Three days later he came back from vacation and had it in his trunk for me. His father in law heard I was beginning to blacksmith and said 'all it's doing is gathering rust out there, go give it to your friend'. So... I now have my anvil. Along with a lot of other stuff he's giv
  8. Das, nice paddle. I thought I was about the only one out there that did those!! They seem to be rather popular.
  9. Thanks Fowlife. They are not galvanized. I soaked them (even though I didn't think they were galvanized) just to be safe. The rust is gone!! that was the only change. The shims I am just tossing aside. The rest? Time to play.
  10. Thanks David. Got a couple in vinegar. I think they're galvanized, but once cleaned up I'll play with them.
  11. My oldest son brought me some steel from his job. He works in a business that does a lot of fab work. I know not to mess with the tool dies, I am going to use them as a poor man's swage for the moment. I THINK the quarter by half inch steel he gave me (about fifteen to twenty foot long sticks of it) are tool steel. But those pins? I have not a single clue what they are. Any ideas?
  12. Now I have to make more. I've made five so far, cutting the paddles, sanding and then forging and attaching the hooks. Simple project, but folks seem to like the concept. Still have a way to go, but folks like this.
  13. Don't beat it like it owes you money. Controlled strikes using necessary force, and planish when it's cooling. (I learned this the hard way.)
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