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  1. Today I fought the rust monster with a wire wheel and boiled linseed oil. I think I did okay.
  2. I was actually making a joke. While I have them, I prefer looks good measurements.
  3. That I have, including the plumb and levels. Now if I can my micrometers...
  4. Thanks Frosty. I'll add six of those. Already got the ones for my joists.
  5. Y'all are a wealth of info!! I am doing barn style doors as I close it in. Will check on those post bases too.
  6. Yep. And it is going to be in concrete as well.
  7. I can barely tie shoes. How do I resize images
  8. No more forging only when it doesn't rain. Went and bought the materials today to build my lean-to that will eventually be completely enclosed to a 12X20 smithy in the back yard. I hope to have the posts in the ground next weekend and, if all goes well... a roof over it so that I can finally fire up the forge again after a months long absence!
  9. Aus, she is absolutely gorgeous!!! I love the collie/sheltie breeds.
  10. My fault. Didn't realize yours was full sized. Mine is a paranoid compact speed freak.
  11. That is great Aus!! And your sheltie is gorgeous.
  12. Gonna have to look that up. Thanks again.