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  1. Ben Hoover

    Show me your Bottle Openers!

    Third thing I've ever made. First try at both a bottle opener and a twist.
  2. Ben Hoover

    What did you do in the shop today?

    Gonna try something this weekend. We will see if it succeeds.
  3. Ben Hoover

    What did you do in the shop today?

    I'll update every 25th one.
  4. Ben Hoover

    Show me your anvil

    Sounds like a plan. Gonna make him a hunting knife and his wife a kitchen knife.
  5. Ben Hoover

    Show me your anvil

    That was actually my plan, and it will not get touched by a grinder. Still gotta deal with that bar they welded across it, but it is an anvil and looks to be in decent shape. Thanks Thomas and JHCC
  6. Ben Hoover

    Show me your anvil

    So a friend of mine knows I've been working on a RR track and 15 pound Harbor Freight. He said his father in law wanted to know if I wanted an anvil. I asked how much, his answer was free. No idea of anything about it, but excited. Anyone have any guesses on my new toy? I should have it tomorrow or the next day.
  7. Ben Hoover

    What did you do in the shop today?

    Nowhere near y'all in skill. My first attempt. Only 99 more to go!!
  8. Ben Hoover

    I use Coors Light as my quenching medium...

    Someone found a use for Coors? Wait, that's even thinner than a water quench. I wouldn't risk it.
  9. Ben Hoover

    Another etching question

    Nice looking blade Buzz.
  10. A smiling Wilford Brimley?
  11. Ben Hoover

    Nordic Whipser Baby not preforming well

    Frosty, that would be a video I would have paid good money to see.
  12. Ben Hoover


    Nice looking blade!
  13. Ben Hoover

    North Georgia Newbie..

    Wayne, thank you sir. I'll also make sure to heed your answer on what to do to make it as safe as possible. Edited to remove off site links
  14. Ben Hoover

    North Georgia Newbie..

    Well, got my little single burner forge sitting in the corner, and there it shall stay until I feel comfortable enough about coating the kaowool with either rigidizer or satanite or whatever winds up being the solution to getting to use it safely. Going to probably be getting my anvil and sander next week, order the other things I figure out I need along the way (I live in a one horse town and someone stole the horse, so ordering or long drives are the norm). But all will wait until I get this kaowool thing figured out. There are a LOT of stickies and info on here.
  15. Ben Hoover

    New Edge Forge

    Also sad that burying history and attempting to forget it seems to be a growing problem as modern society wants to hide the atrocities of the past so that they can act as though everything is fine.