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  1. Ben Hoover

    When to start signing your work

    What would be recommended for the best steel for a beginner with limited tooling to use to make said touch mark?
  2. Ben Hoover

    It followed me home

    Thanks JHCC. I forgot all about the bearings, and the bracelet idea is really cool. I like that one. So... guess I'll store this and the next one away until I get better at my hammer work. First dry weekend in a long time coming up, and that means I finally get to play again. Going to start building my shop next month, which will be a work in progress.
  3. Ben Hoover

    It followed me home

    Friend of mine came by last night and dropped this off. Said they are getting the other side done Friday and will bring them by. I know the price is right, but... what should I do with these? I have no idea of what kind of metal I am using (other than an assumption it is predominately tool steel), and it will probably be a booger to work by hand. I appreciate any help/information on what to do with these.
  4. JLP, just added you to my watch list. While this is quite a good bit out of my current range, really well made and I am impressed at the ingenuity and skill displayed. Absolutely loved the tongs in the hardy hole trick!
  5. Ben Hoover

    What did you do in the shop today?

    Thanks. I don't think the picture does it justice. I used a long spiral nail on it and I left the sides pretty much alone so that it gave it a nice texture. I like using nails and bolts and stuff. Soon as it dries off again I fully intend to go make more still.
  6. Ben Hoover

    What did you do in the shop today?

    I seriously doubt you'll learn anything, but man this was fun to make...
  7. Ben Hoover

    What did you do in the shop today?

    Das, that snail and shroom look fantastic. Now I shall keep mine hidden in the shadows. It is nowhere near that sharp. (I also am still learning. But I am getting there!)
  8. Ben Hoover

    Advice to newbies from a newbie

    I'm having fun. And I am going to do tongs eventually.
  9. Why should I buy it for $10.00 when I can forge it for $100?
  10. Ben Hoover

    Advice to newbies from a newbie

    Slag, I wish this post had been here when I first started. All the Youtube videos said 'best thing to do first is make your own tongs'. Well, after a couple days I realized just how bad that advice was, and I swallowed my pride and ordered some from Kens. Best decision I ever made. I then began making bottle openers and practicing twists and such on them. Took less that half a dozen and I was turning out some bottle openers that I am quite happy with. I will eventually make some tongs. But the hammer control and eye required to make tongs is significantly higher than that required for a bottle opener, J or S hook or even a snail. As for a knife... that will come in time, but I am NOT going to waste money on steel so I can screw it up. So... guess who has a box of RR Spikes to practice on? When I get to where I am moving those well and they are turning out the way I expect, THEN I will take my coil springs and make some paring knives to start, then move on to other blades. But man... bottle openers are FUN!! Tongs just make me think I need to go sit in the back of the short bus.
  11. Ben Hoover

    Show me your forged frog!

    That is cool.
  12. I am a newbie. So wet behind the ears I have tadpoles growing in the pond. Biggest mistake I am seeing? Trying to keep up with the smiths. Seriously. Do NOT expect to do something in the same number of heats that the experienced smiths do. Not even close. They may be able to make that bottle opener in four heats or less, (saw that and just said not even.). So... be ready to realize that they do it in four or five, ,you are probably going to need two to three times as many. This is a marathon, not a sprint. So take your time and follow all the excellent tips in this topic.
  13. Ben Hoover

    scrap owl

    It will be a bit, but I am going to try a leg this weekend just to see. I'll post a pic.
  14. Ben Hoover

    scrap owl

    Instead of welding them to bolts, dog ear it back, then forge weld toward the front for the base, giving them the back 'claw' we're used to birds having, and eliminating the welding of the threaded rod on them. You could actually hammer the fold in a claw type point, and should provide added stability.
  15. Ben Hoover

    scrap owl

    Man those are cool. Once I get my shoulder back to working like normal (hopefully a month at most) I want to give a go at those. I have an idea on the feet I want to try. But those are just as cute as can be. You should do some minions!!