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I Forge Iron

Friday word fun


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So it's Friday and I've tried to put a lid on some of my more Xanthypical comments; funny you should see what my post count would have been with all the ones I *don't* post!

So words to avoid when talking to curmudgeons:   I'll throw in *BEST* when none of the details needed are specified.

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You're rude.

Hurt feelings.

Lots of people have PMd me and agree.

You're not nice.

Just answer the question.

Whats the best way to . . . ?

I'm going to do, use, make, etc. anyway.

I don't know anything about It. This is how you should do it.

Any idea how hard it is for me not to quote W.C. Fields? "Go away kid you're bothering me."

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14 minutes ago, ThomasPowers said:

Sad that I can name at least 1 of those "cast a sword" movies off the top of my head, (not to mention that arrowhead casting scene in a fairly recent Robin Hood movie...)



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Did you watch the video dealing with the iron age project and their attempt at smelting?

Seemed very accurate as most folks first attempts at early style bloomeries do have rather abysmal yields of poor grade wrought iron---after more than a decade we were getting blooms of more than 15 pounds, though generally using a hand crank blower rather than bellows (we did do a bellows set up once trading off every few minutes and had a dedicated person to pour water on the backs of the bellows pumper to extinguish the sparks landing on them...)

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Where can I get cheap coal, or steel or...................

I have a friend that needs.......... and wants it cheap or free............

My arm is tired or I (sob) got a blister.............

It looks easier on the Internet.

I could do it at home cheaper if I wanted it to.

My Grandfather was the best smith around..

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6lb hand hammer

" I seen it on forged in fire"

" It got really sharp"

" 8 inch cutting disc on a 4.5" angle grinder"

" restoring an anvil"




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Oh and,

"I  thought I would join this craft as it is a dying art, and is sad to see these skills being lost..."


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I've enjoyed this thread a lot and laughed several times---and the moderators haven't banned it---yet; but Friday's over for a couple of days or I would add in "the assumption that a single alloy was used all over the world by different manufacturers  over a 100 years of time for an object and so just by naming it everyone should know exactly what alloy was used!"---(I have some real wrought iron RR spikes for instance)

And moderators; I wouldn't be upset if this topic was purged; though I've liked being able to vent...

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