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Happy New Year 2016


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wish everyone the best, just got back from the shop after a bit of midnight forging

2 newbie friends made bottle openers

minion made a toasting fork and we all had crumpets

I did a little on some firedogs with my press

and also tried a canister of old copper rivets, brass bits and stainless steel screws, will cut it tomorrow and see what it looks like inside

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HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL! I didn't do much yesterday but help Deb celebrate her Birthday. New Year's eve is always a double holiday for us. :)

Today we're just messing around, I haven't gotten dirty, made anything, broke anything, heck I barely got dressed till after lunch. I'll have to go pick up something for dinner but I think I can handle that.

All the best everybody.

Frosty The Lucky.

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nice big bowl of homemade black eyed peas and rice with a lot of bacon in it and the onions fried up in the bacon fat before going into the crock pot last night. Dark day but i did get out to use my postvise to remove more 20P nails  from the hardwood blocks I have left from the load of dunnage wood my wife is burning in the woodstove.  Pound them with a smithing hammer and then grab the block in the vise and use the crowbar to pull them.  Good practice for smithing; now I just need a project for 10+ pounds of nails. 

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Well they sure stack better in the truck and at the house and in the woodstove without 3" of nails protruding down the side.  Also my wife doesn't have to deal with the rusty nails as she is the stove user.  Another gray day but it's supposed to clear up this afternoon and I hope to hike up to the valley rim.

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Happy belated New Years. Had way too much fun in Pittsburgh for the celebration and spent the first of the year rehydrating and relaxing. Lol. Think I'm getting too old for that.

Well it's back to work and I wish everyone a happy, healthy, rewarding new year. 

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WELL Finely 2015 is done with !! 

HAPPY New Year TO ALL !!--  I had  2 weeks off from home & drove 2000 + miles to the other end of Ca & back

sure glad to be back @  home in rural Ca !!!!!!!!!!!!!!again --  now I remember why I left the BIG city again !!!!!! :)

trip down south was not good !!!  but made it there & back in ONE piece barely lol :) thanks to the powers that be !!

starting the year out with a month of work needed to be done yesterday like 2015 1 thats good right ? :ph34r: LOL

Friday 1-1-2016 shop forge day got called off :( wanted to start the year off right darn !

well are old weather is back !!!  been raining most of 4 months now  IS summer here yet want to dry out some LOL


** SO WHATS you're goals for 2016 ???  I am reworking my list now :P LOL

looks like alot of tooling + :wub:



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