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  1. And here is how you ruin 200 years old antique. I must change top board, I ruined leather , I mean I cuted it straight along board side and leather I think is in good condition, can be fixed and stiched with cowhide that I already have. I need one 3 feet wide leather 90 cm and 10 feet long about 3 metres leather for all bellows.
  2. I hope those bellows are not too small
  3. Here is another bellows which wait me.to be repaired . It is big guy, I bought it for about 60 dollars. I think I wont gave a lots of job here, just need to sand some wood, check valves, ii do not think I would open them full , I will se but lots of nails. I did not wanted to open it but I found rotted mice in it. I think I should.
  4. I am wondering how long this hairdryer would last ?
  5. I made two S hooks and i repaired old screwdriver.
  6. Thomash those smith i know are in their 70 and 80 (both brothers) , they are realy older guys and vital, i am geting some superstition that blacksmiths live longer maybe cause of steel expsure wich is tough material.
  7. Hwre is my anvil same size as bellows , dont need bigger for now. I think it is better than sledgehammer.
  8. Iam not yet ready for forge welding so i don't need it bright white color, but i gues it could be done but in lot's of longer time.
  9. It looks like those bellows are just what i need, i put less weight on top chamber so it squeze steady air and it is better, now well i get it to yellow color today listening to advice put less amount of fuel like fingernail size, it get heated slowly but it get heated , even tuyere today were yellow
  10. Thomas you mean thralls
  11. Yeah how one person would Shoe an Ox.
  12. That is downside , you need to be constantly at forge.
  13. I get suprised how thick those bellows are made and how thez are made almost without saw.
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