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  1. Did any of you guys watch TV SHOW FORGED IN FIRE i noticed that they allways use gas forges. Did anyone noticed that too?
  2. I think those forges are easy to coppy. I could make them probably if i had grinder and good welder. Nothing special just V shape an pipe under it.
  3. Those anvils are was in my class back in school and I think they are called JEB acoroding to some manufacturer. Those are just shorcuts for his name.
  4. You can take pause from blacksmithing so you slow a litle bit and take time to think about it. But is hard to escape and stop.it al together especially if you are working with tools. Imagination will always be there, even when I was on my job and I saw they weld pipe with accetylene torch it reminded me on blacksmithing. Pause is good so you can think better after week month or so , you dont need to push it if we are speaking about hoby.
  5. I raised them a litle bit, I even raised them more but I had trouble with space and fulcrum it was hard to operate with them,.top board were hiting pole so I lowered them a litle bit. Now I have to bend some pipe, secure bellows more and I will test,.probably now I can make valve to. Jus bwfore comparation, how they were and how they are now raised.
  6. If you have too much air and you are using charcoal you will have bad time with chasing fuel around. It is really frustrating when you need to chase fuel around. Or when you put your metal in bed of coals and you hope for 5 minutes or more you will get good heat, and you put out material back and you saw that you had bad heat. I will say this fit for forges "Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe."
  7. I have same problem Paul, my fuel run out of firepot could be resolved with longer pipe?
  8. Its just annoying Paul that is all and I need to see can it be washable.
  9. I dont know what happened to my skin but I burned it a litle bit and I feel no pain or anything,and I dont felt it either in pas that place is just rough and dirty. Did anyone had that expirience, rough skin but no pain. Feeling is like when you dip permanent glue on finger. Somehow wierd and rough.
  10. Yeah i tought the same. But you will have to bend new each shape for each size.
  11. That is like when you need to forge hot round punch, so you can punch hole in boss of tongs.
  12. I had something funny that happaned me couple day ago while i was smithing. I measured rod 10 cm i was making banding for timber so i measured 10 cm on side, and as i tapered steel, i noticed one magic PIECE GOT LONGER, i didn't know how i didn't think about that. Did somebody else had that magic expirience, you measure something to be precise and while forging it get longer lol.
  13. We made squere hole by using dril bit than filing it down. In school we maade handles for cofee "crusher" on that way. Is this something what you want? Just dril hole you want and file it down.
  14. I will see if I will build something like quick vise wich is operated by leg (something similar as shavehorse have) but iam not sure how much that "clamp" is safe with keeping hot metal secure.
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