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  1. Look like some gears, but they cant be stair shaped.
  2. I will get myself 2 trunks from plum tree. Neigbhour told me that i can hack two of plum tree and make charcoal out of it. He have it. And good thing his house is half minute from mine I will be making some charcoal. Here old blacksmiths traditionaly consider plum tree to be king of charcoal fuel.
  3. It's too much painfull to watch. Pumping 5 minutes for forging 5 seconds. He use it only when electricity is off. Good for starting in blacksmithing, but i wont recomend smithing with those all time. You can use garbage bags to heat matterial, but it is not permanent solution.
  4. Here is another one with "church door "and with stairs, in Balkans and some part of middle Europe like Hungary,Austria, Czechia those are common find. For what are those stairs used. Upseting, decoration, bending 90 angle?
  5. Yes i heard that joke. When i nod my head "hit her" smith meant on horseshoe but striker tought he was talking about head
  6. I allways wonder when i see , did striker sometimes actually hit smith in head by accident, because when you look at it those blow are realy near smith's head.
  7. Well thomas i kind feel more free to work around fire. There is still neck and other parts, but i get the point, i kinda have less fear i poke around and experiment "around fire " now more than i had much distance like 10 feet from fire on long pole that i used bellows. I will just pretend they are sun glasses and that's all. Even if i didn't get any scars on them (i don t use angle grinder).
  8. INice thing to hear anvil. By the way i picked some corona today. No it is not virus. They are called corona
  9. About gogles i stumped upon some today 4€ $ price is not big, but i didnt liked them because they were in color, like grayish glasses or dark blue, i want something that is clrar not colored.
  10. I wont light forge until i get some gogles . The conditions are not that bad, but you have right about protection, here i was looked down if i insisted to.wear headphones in workplace, even coworker wear them, but expected me.not to wear so i can hear him better. And when i worked in some factory where we used angle grinder sometimes they looked at you as stranger if you will use protection for example you want to cut piece of pipe for 5seconds, they will lokk on you as " less manly" , i mean coworkers, even tho company bought it for that purpose. I dont know how that spark ha
  11. To be honest iam.not sure is it 10 or 20 seconds i cant remember.
  12. Well i did that, top chamber get inhaled and it blows out in about 10 seconds.
  13. I heard thomas if blast from fire dont have path, it return back.to belloes, maybe some.sparks.returned and started fire in nozzle..
  14. Glenn what caused bellows to burn inside at nozzle part, i had that once, and i heard if you choke fire with flue too much they can suck back, and they sucked but didn't exploded just started to have some fire a litle bit to have some burning at nozzle. Could choking fire blast with fuel cause that "draw back".
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