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  1. For leaher its better to be heavy tough than elastic and weak.
  2. Billy i dont have enaough material for haft , so iam planing to drill one hole instead of two holes. This is highcarbon steel from old plough sahare i had trouble to cut it with hacksaw, i even folded material to break it on its own. And when you heat it and file it it give some sparks even if it is not grinded, and sparks can be made if striked even in cold state with hammer.
  3. CAn folding knife be bigger than pocket knife? I have some high carbon steel but i cant make it long enaugh for handle, i can make it long for blade iam thinking to make it like folding knife, and to ignore handle lenght, just to drill one hole to make it hinged .
  4. Well i will see i think i will use it to restore threads if it is same "steps" as some hread are. All thread are not same, some of are metric, some are imperial some are pipe thread ec. I tought to put sheet metal on those teeth toprotect it and to make it not to cut metal when i want to bend it. Some small pieces was tha i was planned to bend. Well i don have welder hat's why i tried this option to have in mind.
  5. Yes different size will work, i do not know i give it try and it could make thread just you need to tighten screw on handle I didn't know that it was called thread chaser. Guys is possible to use this tool to twist hot steel? Is it waste to use it for that?
  6. George well i added pictures. Glen it have teeth it can carve thread on rods. I made one thread with it. Do you guys think this is homemade by some smith, machinist, or it is from factory. Here are pieces taken apart when it is unscrewed.
  7. I bougt this tool today since i wanted to use it to bend metal but iam not sure is it tap handle or it is universal die. This teeth can make thread but i think they can hold tap too. I think this is homemade by somebody since i didnt found tool like this on internet. Here are pictures
  8. Improvised some hand crank grinder Dont try this at home, it can be even added on power drill, but i fund it dangerous. Hand crank is more better bet.
  9. I quenched it second time and i took a litle bit more material by filing. I gues edge was too thin or something. I get it now to magnetic temperature saw it won't stick to magnet and quenched. I guess i should did that previously. I don't care for it too much, i reather have chisel that need to be resharpened every now and then, than having wheelbarow axle that is somwhere in corner of boxes.
  10. Paul i used old throwel handle, but iam not satissfied with chisel, edge is too weak, i think it is mild steel that i used, you can work with it but need to resharpen edge every now and then. I don't thing tha quenching is issue.
  11. Made this chisel. I used wheelbarrow axle to make it. I dont know how good it wil hold edge i quenched and tempered it.
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