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  1. I realy don't know i can't remember i know only that one guy gave me plans and it had couple of pages in it.
  2. I would reccomend strongly Cow hide. I am willing to share plans for bellows and here they are ANd at this moment i wan't to thank guy who send me those plans. My suggest is if you wan't to build bellows build it using real leather or hide and use good wood.
  3. Every nation in Europe have their own stly how bellows are made France have different than Austro Hungay Germany different Russia. Some have box nozzle , and yes North Europe country have their on stlye. South Europe different, Britain. I studied them for 2 years. You just need to google war forge for example some century i mean Usa have it Colonial, France Napoleonic wars, wars are important at forge casue it is fast solution to find it. I mean traveling foge i don't know in english how they are called "Field forge" i think go to google translate try German Blasebalg, try other lenguages in google search for more informations. Example France i had drawings of "Soufflet but i lost it.
  4. Double lung bellows are nice but you can't build it from everything i think you could but naah. Don't do it it will just make you sad. And build it when you have space time money. Since i come from old Country wich is bridge off East and West i can teach you how things are mixed in here i mean blacksmithing, Turkish adzze Hungarian Bellows, and other tools that are too old for some part of World. They are rare here but drawings and ideas traditions are not.
  5. natkova

    Baby vise

    They look like blacksmith vices i mean just smaller.
  6. natkova

    Baby vise

    Here is mine, but i didn't find any screw for fastening it.
  7. What chimney help. I have some old wood stove and iam thinking tihs kind design to do.
  8. Those bellows i think , were made in Central Europe, i think Austro- Hungarian or Czech- Slovakia style.
  9. Happy new year, I am rare member of IFI, but i think i will stick to this forum in new year more. Who knows.
  10. Problem with hairdryer is that it will die soon.
  11. Just make sure that you have some heavy and airtight material. It need to be allmoust hard to flex. Just like shoes leather. If it is too thin, bellows won't inhale top chamber.Why yours valve is so near nozzle?
  12. natkova

    fire pit

    What are you using for air suply.
  13. Iam amatuer, i spend some times learning from this smith, he don't need help yet he is older than 70 years. And still don't need help. I just can watch. I can touch things but i can't work. He said :" You will learn better if you do it yourself (build forge than quench forge etc).
  14. I went to blacksmith today and saw how he heat treat his tools. First when draw out axe he than grind it, After that he heat it in fire to cherry red and then he cool it in bucket off water. After that he use heat again than after quenching he put axe again in fire and than chase right color for the blade. You will see better in this video.
  15. It would be country that need tools to work on agriculture so i would say some country that dont have too much mechanistation and all job is done by animals and humans, If you have horse,it need horseshoe than blacksmith is need for that, than if you have a woodworkers or lumberjacks they will need blacksmtih so ,blacksmith can take care of axe or make drawknife etc. Than for agriculture i saw in Bosnia that nowdays it still populated to bring plough for potato, there are some left plough that is powerd by tractor but it is navigated by human. And some of agricutural tools are bringed to blacksmith to fix it. In past blacksmith would have to make ring for carrige wheel now it is not that case. It have blacksmithing but that trade is dying here to casue off moderation fof tools and stuffs like hand plane are moderated to electric planer like hand powered grinder is now electric angle grinder everything is done by shortcut. That's why old trades are dying,