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  1. I stiched one side side of bellows, next i would glue that, i find it more easy to stich than glue than again sttich. I used somekind varnish for wood, this is beech wood. I made one valve on middle board, put leather on it so flaps can seal.
  2. IF leather don't work for some reason i would give a try with those air bed material. IF it is good for airbad why it won't be good for bellows
  3. Tomorow i would.use some shoe shining moisturize leather, and lots off stiching made.
  4. Reason why i said it is interesting because middle board is same size as top and bottom, nozle was made from one solid block that was sawe dand basicly attached to midle board, nozzle is not part off midle board it is attachment, (in books and in instructions on iforgeiron, i saw midle board that was way much longer than this, basicly midleboard is the same size as top and bottom, just it is somehow fitted in nozzl, and that 's it. As about valve it would be harder cause wood is not flat, i would might plane it a litle bit, but i dont know or i would use some bend shaped valve, cause like i said board is a bend. Sou you think is it wasting if i try to stich these one? I don't think that i need ribs for this one or hooves as you call them, because bellows are too narow , i mean one foot wide, i don't see problem with it sticking outside a ltile bit. Those nails that i pulled out of bellow i believe they were hand forged, they had tapered shape, i think they were indeed hand made, you can't buy those in factory. As about middle board i would nail one pice of wood on top of it for better suport, becuase hole where were rods it can split i saw i would just nail or screw some pice of wood so it won't chip away at corner of bellows. I don't have all time for those bellows right know, but i think they might work, My one mistake was i wanted to restore wood , i won't doo that anymore eaither, more you plane and remove root from it, it get thiner, i think i should concetrate on sewing this two piecs of leather instead, i think would can be leaved as it is, even if it root and decay i could easy change that, make new one, i won't touch wood to much, so i can test bellows how leeather work and would they inhale top chamber. One thing wich is new to me bottom chamber was twice larger than top chamber.
  5. I will see what i would do to it, i hope that leather is restorable. There are couple of holes, valves need to be made new, wood is in bad condition some planing sanding could make job easy, but i don't guarantee anything, It was with shiping cost around 20 dollars.
  6. I saw this and i tought i should share vith you, bellows dont have valves,leather need couple stiching, but midle board is interesting to me how it is mounted
  7. I hope i would just have to put some leather patches on those holes, bellows price was realy cheap, i would feel bad if sombady else bought it for decoration purposes. If not anything i would have some nice project to work on, i would sand wood maybe use somekind color i think i would bring it to life again. I feel exited because this is my first leather (cowhide) bellows that i have.
  8. I noticed that you can use airtight material as you want, but if it is not hard and less flexable it won't work, material for bellows need to be elastic and airtight but not too much elastic, because of durability i would say it need to be tough almoust hard to squeze air from it, if it is material like nylon wich is airtight and waterproo bellows won't work than again. It is airtight and all that stuff but it is not hard material to squeze air from. It need to be as hard as it is elastic so it can squeze air and inhale top chamber. How many ounces it have it is important but i don't know a lot's in that stuff.
  9. I ordered them, now i will see what would come from this gambling. They seems small about one foot wide 40 cm and long 91 cm 3 foot with nozzl.
  10. Yes you have right, i didn't noticed that valve collapsed by gravity. I think he pictured that on purpose . I think that he reversed sides up down bottom up those are double lung bellows, you can see by rods. Top chamber don't have hole in it, but it is not pictured, i cant see condition of top chamber. It is faced on ground.
  11. I don't want to run for this. It is too cheap, and to tempting to buy. I saw this on internet. i didn't saw it in person wich is bad.
  12. Should i buy this bellows they are about 10 dolars 20 KM. I think they are in bad condition. leather is teared and bottom board is twisted? What you guys think. And new flaps should be put. With Shipping i think it would cost about 20 -30 dollars 50 KM.
  13. I realy don't know i can't remember i know only that one guy gave me plans and it had couple of pages in it.
  14. I would reccomend strongly Cow hide. I am willing to share plans for bellows and here they are ANd at this moment i wan't to thank guy who send me those plans. My suggest is if you wan't to build bellows build it using real leather or hide and use good wood.
  15. Every nation in Europe have their own stly how bellows are made France have different than Austro Hungay Germany different Russia. Some have box nozzle , and yes North Europe country have their on stlye. South Europe different, Britain. I studied them for 2 years. You just need to google war forge for example some century i mean Usa have it Colonial, France Napoleonic wars, wars are important at forge casue it is fast solution to find it. I mean traveling foge i don't know in english how they are called "Field forge" i think go to google translate try German Blasebalg, try other lenguages in google search for more informations. Example France i had drawings of "Soufflet but i lost it.