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A project finally finished

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About 2.5 years ago I took a class with Alan Kress at the "Arc and Flame" school in Rochester NY. We started buidling the project only to find one of his jigs was wonky. When I got it home, it would not assemble correctly. I got frustrated with it and set it aside. Finally I revisited it and got it assembled. He was a really good teacher, the problem of fixing it was exaserbated by my blown out shoulder, and I just let it sit. So now here it is. I may change the glass and go with a bigger round. The one you see is 18 inches, I think a 24 inch round would look better.







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SWEET Mike! I like it a lot, clean and elegantly simple but precisely done. the only mod I think I'd make were it my project would be to roll the top ends of the legs a bit further so the glass had a larger surface to rest on but that's a really minor thought.


Not far from here there are a couple counter top shops so various types of stone counter top drops are available. My first thought would be for a nice marble, granite, gneiss, etc. top but that would hide the stretcher and wedges. Talk about changing my mind. <grin>


Really well done.


Frosty The Lucky.

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Thanks guys,

to answer some of the comments, Goose, yes it is just sitting there.

Frosty next one will be a 3 legged rolled top, so thanks for the idea.

Frank, to have a compliment from you just made my already good day wayyy better!

Dave, I will try to get the tools together and take a photo!

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Very nice Job! - I like the wedge joints ALOT, if it were mine though, I would have put the heart on top of the center joint - I know the wedge joints are the focal point but, I think in this case the leg joints do it justice and the heart would be the center focal point??? - just my thought - again Very nice Job!!

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