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  1. If Centaur Forge will allow Will Call, you'd do well getting coal/coke there. There's also Texas Farrier Supply, and Well-Shod, somewhat within driving distance. I'd expect them to stock coal as well. A few bags would make the drive worthwhile, and keep you supplied for a while.
  2. Just a random thought, but... Remember overhead projectors? I'd think that one might be able to pick one up somewhat cheaply these days. You could transfer a sketch to acetate, project it at the desired size onto a wall, and determine 'thief accessibility' that way.
  3. A Jim Blurton in that condition would be worth a bit of coin to the local farriers if you aren't going to use it. Just a thought.
  4. Or you can get a big bucket of nice new, unbent, unrusted spikes for around $1.50 per. Right here.
  5. You've reminded me of one of my grandfathers favorite stories. (born in 1900) He watched a lady pull a bucket from a well, and give her horse a drink. Then she apparently poured a bit of the spittle/foam off the top, and took a drink herself. Grandad said: "Lady, you'd drink that water after the horse has been in it?" She replied: "I'd rather drink after my horse, than some of the people I know." I have to say, 100+ years later, I agree with her.
  6. Even Thor has the occasional Hammer Issue.
  7. Creativity, is hard. Looking at a piece, and saying 'I see how that was done!' not so hard.
  8. Hit a round with a flat, and a flat with a round. If the hammer's chipping, or marking up, get a different (cheaper) hammer.
  9. Great stuff! I'm forwarding this to a friend who's looking to put up a building soon.
  10. ​I'd be interested if I have a bit of notice. I'll try to drag one of the other smiths from Coloma along with me.
  11. ​You Sir, are obviously a true aficionado. Please make your payment through Paypal, and we will ship said item to you forthwith. Please include another $543 for shipping.
  12. ​Centaur Forge has a location in Austin. If you're wanting coal, you might call and see about a will-call pick-up.
  13. Matt_K

    Cats in shop

    Which reminds me of a joke: How are farriers like cats? They don't come when you call, and they don't come out in the rain.
  14. Rock climbing gloves. I've used Metolius gloves for years. They seem to have become hard to find in the last year however, and I may have to go on a major search for a new brand.
  15. Hey, I'll play. 1) Shape handle to comfort level with old farriers rasp. 2) Run handle through hot forge to burn off high points. (Propane in my case) 3) Sand smooth with Harbor Freight medium sanding sponge. 4) Oil and finish with 0000 steel wool impregnated with boiled linseed oil. 5) Happiness ensues.