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  1. Thanks for the great advice and feedback everyone, alot to think about.
  2. Anyone renting space to run your blacksmith business out of? If so any advice, lessons learned, do's and don'ts you would share?
  3. Kyle very nice. I do a lot of rivet work in my pieces and think it adds a great touch that many people are not used to seeing when welds are more common. Not a criticism but the first cross feels like it is missing something. To me, I see the legs, body and arms of Christ on the cross but I wish I saw a small forged neck and head. It doesn't have to be detailed just a representation since without it I see a headless Christ. Keep up the good work.
  4. My mentor once forge welded a bunch together and made a bar so that he could make a size 2 horseshoe then creased and punched it. It looks awesome but he said he would never do it again. I told him I didnt blame him. Lol
  5. Yeah I saw that they were flame cut...but again no telling how long ago since oxy acetylene goes way back. As the industrial revolution progressed and the blacksmith began to disappear I could see a catolg offering these pre-cut blanks to the remaining smiths or those who bought blacksmith kits from Sears for use around the farm as an alternative much like horse shoes went from hand made to keg blanks.
  6. Hit a local garage sale in a very old garage yesterday and tucked in a back corner were these. They appear to be blanks for hinges. Anyone ever seen anything like this? No telling how old they are. Couldn't pass them up for $1.00.
  7. Your "useful things" are pure art! Please keep sharing your works with us they are very inspirational.
  8. Yeah it was here it was gone then it was back now gone again. I'll just forget about it.
  9. So I posted asking who was going to the MABA meeting and I got one response and now the topic is gone. Was it moved, deleted? No location was listed, incomplete dates as well, please read posting guidelines sticky follow then and repost
  10. Anyone going to the MABA meeting in Grayling on the 22nd and 23rd?
  11. Man wish I could have made the trip from PA. Good to hear you had great meeting. Let's see what you made Mike.
  12. So to clarify, lets say a custom home builder comes to me because their client wants a set of hand forged fireplace doors, a hanging pot rack, and a hand rail in their theater room. I am fine doing all the homework needed for the project and creation of the items. Installation though must be performed by the builder or a licensed contractor since I do not have that license. Along those lines how many don't have their contractor's license and rely on others to do their installs? Arftist - it sounds like that is common in your area since you say you do installs for other artists. FYI -
  13. What is everyone's experience with the installation of projects in residential or commercial settings? Do you do the installation, is the client responsible, or do you work with a contractor? I suppose it is different with each project and based on the size or scope but just looking for some of your experiences.
  14. If I could offer a piece of advice for new smiths it would be to keep a journal or some sort of record of what you make. When you make a piece, record the stock size used, length of pieces cut, measurements for placement of pieces and holes drilled, drill bits used, rivet size, finish applied, what you charged for it etc. Then take a picture of it. I just made a wall mounted coat rack for a client who is giving it as a wedding present. The day after I delivered it I got a text that my client likes it so much she wants two more just like it. If I had kept all the info above it would be very
  15. Merry Christmas to all of my IFI friends!
  16. Boy I like where this thread is going. Will have to look around for something to add but watching closely!
  17. Happy Thanksgiving to the IForgeIron family. I'll be in the shop this afternoon for a little and will think of all the friends from here I am thankful for. Have a great day.
  18. So we all agree that nothing looks worse than a hand forged art piece, whether it is a hook, coat rack, grill, door knocker, or whatever that is then hung with a philips head screw or a galvanized nail because that is all the purchaser had available. I have bought some of the Blacksmith Bolt Pyramid Head and Square Head Lag Screws for specific hardware projects and they are great and have given the projects a finished look. The problem with them is they require an 8 point socket. Your average client who might buy your artwork at an art/craft fair, retail location etc. doesn't have an 8 po
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