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  1. Thanks for the great advice and feedback everyone, alot to think about.
  2. Anyone renting space to run your blacksmith business out of? If so any advice, lessons learned, do's and don'ts you would share?
  3. Kyle very nice. I do a lot of rivet work in my pieces and think it adds a great touch that many people are not used to seeing when welds are more common. Not a criticism but the first cross feels like it is missing something. To me, I see the legs, body and arms of Christ on the cross but I wish I saw a small forged neck and head. It doesn't have to be detailed just a representation since without it I see a headless Christ. Keep up the good work.
  4. My mentor once forge welded a bunch together and made a bar so that he could make a size 2 horseshoe then creased and punched it. It looks awesome but he said he would never do it again. I told him I didnt blame him. Lol
  5. Yeah I saw that they were flame cut...but again no telling how long ago since oxy acetylene goes way back. As the industrial revolution progressed and the blacksmith began to disappear I could see a catolg offering these pre-cut blanks to the remaining smiths or those who bought blacksmith kits from Sears for use around the farm as an alternative much like horse shoes went from hand made to keg blanks.
  6. Hit a local garage sale in a very old garage yesterday and tucked in a back corner were these. They appear to be blanks for hinges. Anyone ever seen anything like this? No telling how old they are. Couldn't pass them up for $1.00.
  7. Your "useful things" are pure art! Please keep sharing your works with us they are very inspirational.
  8. Yeah it was here it was gone then it was back now gone again. I'll just forget about it.
  9. So I posted asking who was going to the MABA meeting and I got one response and now the topic is gone. Was it moved, deleted? No location was listed, incomplete dates as well, please read posting guidelines sticky follow then and repost
  10. Anyone going to the MABA meeting in Grayling on the 22nd and 23rd?
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