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What is the oldest 'manmade' object you own?


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To go along with the thread I started in "Historical Blades" on the bronze age arrowheads and spear tip, I am curious to hear from everyone out there what is the oldest man-made object you own.  No meteorites or fossils.  Only objects that were shaped or made by a human from materials commonly found on earth.  Take a reasonable guess on the age.  This is NOT a contest.  Pictures are a must!


Adding the same photo posted in the other thread.  These are my oldest man-made item:


Bronze age tips, ~3000 to 5000 years old.




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i've got some mesolithic flakes that were made about 10,000 years ago. They may have been waste but could also have been hafted for use as blades. The oldest complete item I have is a bronze age barbed arrowhead, something more like 5000 yeas old.


I don't use those objects but I used to use a piece of 1st century AD pottery to sharpen my pencil on site (I used to be an archaeologist) and I use 300 year old tools on a near daily basis

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I was just sent a shard of flint from Holland.  You can tell that it was removed from the core by human hands, but no idea how old it is.  It strikes a spark when hit with one of my strikers, though, so I'm happy.


Other than that, the oldest known thing I own is my beautiful Fisher Norris anvil cast in 1882.  Love her to death and work on her just about every day.

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I have a basket of pottery shards, colected not a hundred yards from where I grew up in Cave Creek (arizona) not sure of the age or tribe. I do know that it was 2 1/2 miles to reliable water (new river) but if you new where to look, ground water was with in 100' and the bends in the washes were dependable to have water with in 3' of the serface. Desert rat, you learn to find water if you live and play in the dessert

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