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  1. The time has come for the old forge to be replaced and after a number of setbacks I managed to complete the new one. The pipe for airflow is bent at 30 degrees in the middle and then 10 degrees at the end at right angles to the other bend to allow the bellows to be orientated at an angle for ease of use. The tuyere was cast from the same 1600 degrees centigrade rated cement used in the overall construction. After construction and installation of the tuyere the cement was cured by lighting a bonfire and keeping it going for about two hours. The deep trench was then filled with charcoal
  2. Very interesting and a good way to start your hobby. Be sure to share your projects as soon as you get started. This might be a good way of exploring some of the more overlooked aspects in the more recent history of the blacksmith. Marius
  3. Some fine looking hammers. I also like the touch mark.
  4. I recently completed these four pole-arms. The heads are EN45 and EN9 with mild steel sockets and the hafts are ash. The whole project has been a good exercise in forge-welding, especially the broad flat plates needed for the halberd. Marius
  5. Here are a few that I have made over the years:
  6. First and my favourite item is an Oldowan flaked cobble. Next in line is an Acheulean handaxe from our back-yard.
  7. As requested, here is a view of the shop, I use a japanese type box-bellows. Some of my work-horses. The small faced dog-head hammer is by Conrad Hicks, the blackened ones below it and to the right are homemade. The handy sledge for drawing heavy stock. My most recent blacksmithing project, this one for the home.
  8. Good day I am Marius from Stellenbosch, Western Cape. Although mostly a bladesmith, I am also passionate about the craft of the blacksmith thanks to my teachers. Ek vind dit verblydend om te sien dat hierdie kuns weer begin opvlam in die land.
  9. Hello. I'm Marius Titus from the Cape Winelands. I am mainly a bladesmith, but I also have a passion for the art of blacksmithing thanks to my teachers, one of whom (sadly on the brink of retiring) still has the original toolkit his father gave him as a very young boy. The bug bit me in the 90's and it's been an interesting journey all the way. My favourite tool was a 10 pound sledge picked up at a scrapyard (back when people were still allowed to do so) with a handy large radius straight peen that makes short work of reducing stock. (I'll give the story that each hammer has a name and
  10. Marius

    heart attack

    Hoping for your speedy recovery. Take it easy for a while, no need to be hasty to get back on your feet again. Best wishes Marius
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