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Found 7 results

  1. Got a chance to work on getting my JABOD build today! It's built from reclaimed skid wood from my work, even the screws are reclaimed, so cost so far is $0 for the wood and screws, and $10 or so for my piece of 18" x 3/4" black pipe (not pictured). Still need to grab a few more bricks from the pile, but I grabbed all the orangier ones (I read that there might be a higher percentage of fire clay in the orange-to-tan bricks?? Figured it couldn't hurt!) They don't look as orange as they are in the picture though... I wasn't sure if it was deep enough at first, so I built an additi
  2. Hello everyone out there. I have been looking around this site on and off for a while now. I am relatively new to forging and trying to get a forge up and going. I tried a coffee can forge with a Walmart special propane torch. It does not get hot enough to even get the metal workable. So I have decided to make a coal forge out of a old propane grill. I have been seeing a lot about JABOD forges and I am thinking that is the way I wan to go. What should I know about making one. And any other suggestions or tips I should know. Any help is greatly appreciative. I am mainly looking to make knive
  3. So my first ever forge was a plaster of paris sand mix in a bread pan with a 6" black iron pipe leading to a crappy forge blower. cost like $20 and i made a breadknife with a 75lbs dumbell as an anvil. now then when that forge broke I used a korean bbq clay pot thing along with a copper tube as a blower in the fire place. Then a hole in the ground with a hairdryer using a sledge hammer head as an anvil. I then got a 50lbs or a 70lbs anvil (I can't remember and don't know how to tell) and mounted it to a cinder block (which broke in a week) and made a new JABOD bbq that has the air intake on th
  4. When our beloved propane grill finally died broke, I decided to take all the inspiration I'd gotten reading about the JABOD Mark III (thanks, Charles R. Stevens) and make Just a Grill of Dirt. A JAGOD, if you will. I had two goals: Spend as little money as possible Forge using charcoal I'll just admit now that I am way better at spending money than not spending money. I scrounged up some thin firebrick I'd stashed and since I had to dig footings for some pier blocks, I rough-screened a couple of 5-gallon buckets of that dirt. I put the grill in a
  5. Hey guys I finished my new jabod this weekend and it just dried up good today since it just rained here a lot last week and I dug in the mud to fill it up I need to adjust the tuyere height since its only about an inch above the bottom of the fire pot I used 2 bricks to make the fire pot since that's what I had and it seems adequate I haven't got to fire it up yet but this weekend I'm gonna get in some time with the forge. Let me know what you guys think. Oh the second pic has my first 55 bottom blast forge in the background. The brick is for size reference.
  6. Here’s my first forge. It is basically a box of dirt with a few fire bricks on top to keep the edges firmer. I’m using a 1” black pipe for the tuyere and a box bellows for an air source. The V-shaped trench is approximately 4” by 9” in dimension and 6” deep. The tuyere sits 1” from the bottom of the trench. I’m using lump hardwood charcoal for fuel, broken into pieces about 1” in size. I’ve done a few tests with a half-inch piece of mild steel to see how well it works, and in general I am satisfied. My only problem is that I can’t seem to get my steel hotter that dark yellow.
  7. I made a JABOD design forge and decided to have the final coating be refractory cement instead of dirt. (Hercules brand refractory cement/mortar) Due to the very flowy nature of the cement I wanted to fire it before I made it look nice (hence the ridges and bumps). After waiting 2 days (4 hours to dry was recommended) I lit it up and afterwards the fire pot was green and looked like it was glass almost. Have any of you encountered this? Should I worry? Yes I know it looks hideous at the moment.
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