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  1. Haha noted! Our neighbor down the street have a wood fire pizza oven so I know they're allowed, I just don't know what the requirements are.
  2. Thanks for the input everyone! I wasn't planning on building right away (hard to dig in January) so I'll put some more thought into what I want. I'm also gonna have to check some city ordinances to see what's actually possible for me in city limits.
  3. Yes, I was thinking a side blast, that's what I've read is most effective for charcoal. I haven't figured out what my air source will be yet, preferably something that I can moderate the airflow on. Any recommendations would be great. As for the pipe size, I was thinking 3/4" or something around there.
  4. I drew up a few ideas so you guys could get a better idea of what I was thinking. I incorporated Daswulf's idea of having a heat shield, although I think bricks might be a better option since they'd be more easily adjustable. Let me know what you all think, all the measurements are approximate and can be adjusted.
  5. Glenn, could you explain what you mean by "taller"? Daswulf, I was thinking of trying to keep it all in one spot, I can see the appeal of having them separate.
  6. Hello! I'm looking to build a forge and was thinking a Jabod forge looks perfect for what I need (cheap, easily constructed). Problem is, I'd been planning on using a wood forge, all the post I've looked at are for coal or charcoal Jabod's. I was wondering if anyone has tried to make a Jabod wood forge before? Would I just need to make extra space behind the fire pit for the wood fire and then pull the charcoal forward into the fire pit as it's made? Any thoughts would be appreciated!
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