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New to forges need help


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Hello everyone out there.  I have been looking around this site on and off for a while now. I am relatively new to forging and trying to get a forge up and going.  I tried a coffee can forge with a Walmart special propane torch. It does not get hot enough to even get the metal workable. So I have decided to make a coal forge out of a old propane grill. I have been seeing a lot about JABOD forges and I am thinking that is the way I wan to go. What should I know about making one. And any other suggestions or tips I should know. Any help is greatly appreciative.  I am mainly looking to make knives. May move up to bigger stuff later. 

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Welcome aboard, like IDF&C said pretty much everything you need to know is in the jabod threads. The info is kinda spread out over a couple threads. Look for the threads posted by Charles R Stevens. Many of the other ones are look at my jabod threads and not really helpful in building one. Remember they're not blueprints or instructions but more of a roadmap to get you going in the right direction. They take a little fiddling with especially the first one you build to get working as efficiently as possible. If you have any specific questions don't hesitate to ask. Good luck and remember it's supposed to be fun.


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I built a forge from a deceased propane grill (a JAGOD-Just A Grill Of Dirt) and wrote about it here.

These forges are not hard to build because Charles R. Stevens in his JABOD (Just A Box Of Dirt) threads has already broken down what you need to do and how to do it. He did such a good job, you'll follow the steps and think, "There is NO WAY this is going to work." And then it works because Charles obviously did his homework. At the end, you'll have a forge and an understanding of how forges work conceptually, so then you'll start rebuilding your JABOD/JAGOD to work better.

There's very little money involved and a lot of opportunities to get your hands literally dirty. Even if you decide you want to go with propane, a JABOD is an easy, fun, and effective way to get started.

Oh, and put your location in your profile---there's a chance one of the cranky old blacksmiths who post here will say, "Hey! I'm like three miles from you. Are you that person who always puts their garbage cans out the day before the garbage truck comes by? Dang, you're annoying. Now come on over here and I'll show you how to blacksmith the right way, not like all those other people."

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