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  1. My new forge

    It works great I think I need to make a few modifications but it's dirt that's easy to fix it gets good and hot but I couldn't get it to forge weld not sure if it was me not being practiced enough the stock I tried to use or I need to raise the bottom to make the fireball sit even with the top of the dirt instead of an inch below I got it to a bright orange but not yellow or white it's probably me still not being very practiced with fire management yet. I like the economy though and control is good as long as I don't put the hairdryer too close to the tuyere and catch it on fire again when the tuyere vacuums fire out of the fire pot after you shut off the hairdryer. But anyways I think it needs a few modifications to get it just right.
  2. My new forge

    Hey guys sorry no video today my wife and daughter stayed inside it rained yesterday and she was kinda cold and my daughter was fussy I think I need to reshape the fire pot a bit but it worked pretty good I had to turn the hairdryer on high to get the fireball at the right height. I took some pics for you guys to see how it went. I didn't do much just made a pick rake for the new forge.
  3. My new forge

    Well I intend on teaching her the first aid stuff I learned in the Marines and what my grandpa taught me cause he was a logger and didn't believe in hospitals unless it was really bad I mean he had me use dental floss and a curved sewing needle to stitch up my own leg a long time ago and taught me starting fluid is basically ether it will stop most bleeding he taught me a lot and I plan on passing it down to her idk how to repair tendons but I can teach her basically the stuff he taught me and how to stabilize someone.
  4. My new forge

    Lol that sounds about right
  5. My new forge

    Well I'm just thinking aluminum cause it's light and I'm gonna experiment with turning my 55 drum forge into a foundry for aluminum and brass and maybe copper so I was thinking why not melt a bunch of cans and cast her an anvil and hammer with it so it's a small experimental thing I may melt some bullet casings and try that too for when she gets a little bigger but it's just an idea for now. I know how that goes charles. she's already picking up a lot of bad habits from tv idk why but she slaps and punches and if you tilt your head forward just slightly she will headbutt you really hard she chases our cat around hitting him with books and he's missing a leg already the bad habits are easy to learn but the good ones take a bit to set in.
  6. My new forge

    I may have to try that seeing as how my daughter has started copying me a little bit but she copies her mom a lot more than me and she curses every time she sneezes so I can hardly say it would only be my fault but I agree with you guys we don't need her cursing so I'll give the alternative curse words a go it'll take some getting used to though
  7. My new forge

    See I'm not so worried about the thing with it being bad but depending on what happens you know...anyways she's a tough little girl she rarely gets hurt but the sudden impact of stuff scares her a bit and I have a bit of a problem filtering my cursing when I work I don't throw tools often but I have been known to drop an atomic f bomb from time to time while working but mainly I don't want something to happen and her see blood spurting everywhere you know I get the cutting my hand and her seeing it get cleaned up I just don't want her to see the reason for a major er visit I'm actually considering making her a little hammer and anvil set once I get my foundry set up out of brass or aluminum just so she has something to play with since she now beats on our table with her toy hammer
  8. My new forge

    I probably did mess up the spring it doesn't stay locked so I may have to get a new spring it's a really small pair anyways it's just what I had and I only wear a glove on my non hammer hand unless I'm doing hot filing then I wear it on both. I have an old awning roller bar that looks like fairly high chromium steel I've seen a tong design that I can make out of it and they will suffice until I build a better pair I know it's kind of small stock for tongs but it's what I'm working with sonce drain out the tire iron didn't go as planned last time (burned steel). But if the weather permits ill link a video to this thread this weekend of the first fire were supposed to get some rain but hopefully not.
  9. My new forge

    Well I'm probably not gonna have her record the whole forging session just me tending the first fire in the new forge to see how it does and heating the first piece of metal in it to see how hot I get it. I don't have a set of tongs yet I broke my pair of vice grips last forging session by getting them too hot so now all I have at the moment is channel locks but I'm going to fix that very soon providing the weather allows it. I always wear my ppe. I don't have an apron yet but that is in the works. I don't actually grind anything so I don't use a face shield just safety glasses. I don't wear ear plugs since my anvil doesn't ring much at all and I have a pair of welding gloves I use when I'm handling longer stock and using my channel locks but that's all I really have besides my steel toes. I am extremely cautious while forging cause my 16 month old daughter loves watching me forge from a distance so I don't want her to see me get hurt.
  10. My new forge

    I may have my wife record me using it this weekend and upload a video of the initiatin fire into its life of forgehood
  11. My new forge

    Hey guys I finished my new jabod this weekend and it just dried up good today since it just rained here a lot last week and I dug in the mud to fill it up I need to adjust the tuyere height since its only about an inch above the bottom of the fire pot I used 2 bricks to make the fire pot since that's what I had and it seems adequate I haven't got to fire it up yet but this weekend I'm gonna get in some time with the forge. Let me know what you guys think. Oh the second pic has my first 55 bottom blast forge in the background. The brick is for size reference.
  12. Heating Problems

    Lol I figured I could test it on one and possibly build 2 jabod forges if it works great with the tile and make a trench box forge in the second one with it.
  13. Heating Problems

    I actually didn't have the concern so much until I read through your jabod thread and seen where you mentioned smoke from under the forge isn't a good thing lol. That's where I came up with the idea of using the tiles we were cleaning out the storage room when I was reading through it and I seen the tiles and it came to me that those would keep me from punching through and if I did punch through I'd hear it break they are basically 1/4 inch thick tiles and I think 2 ft x 2 ft.
  14. Heating Problems

    I'd imagine that would work great as a bottom for it to keep from punching through and probably reflect a little heat too
  15. Heating Problems

    I have those too I was just trying to find a use for these we don't have tIle in our house and they were just here when we moved in and there's no use for them