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  1. Show me your anvil stands

    I have seen quite a few ppl making stands like this one and I am not sure what the benefit of having the wood stacked like that is. Is it for sound deadening, tools, some other unknown reason? Photo is courtesy of pinterest I couldn't find one similar to it on here so if that isn't allowed I apologize and wI'll remove it if I can I was just trying to find a way to show what I was asking
  2. Railroad rail anvils

    Well alrighty then I will be doing the same as I don't wish to be blind. I had thought about asking of anyone had tried mixing it into their wood fires in their forges but thought about it awhile and I came to the conclusion nobody would do that if their forge was metal especially I'd imagine it'd turn into a puddle on the ground rather quickly. I am considering that configuration you mentioned I even found a picture of one online
  3. Railroad rail anvils

    I didn't plan to do it I just knew they used it to weld rail together and have seen thermite used before in the military but never actually used it myself. Just thought it could be a thesible way to do it and thought it would be worth asking about.
  4. Railroad rail anvils

    Just curious wouldn't it be easier to weld that using thermite seeing as how that's what a lot of rails are welded together with?
  5. A nice forging . What is it ?

    The toggle could have also been a way to assist with removing it from the log or stump it was driven into I could see it having a tool that went with it similar to the claw on a claw hammer that went a little into the hole in the toggle and was used as a leverage stop to pull it out so as to not lose the tool. Could have also been a way of securing it to their belt.
  6. A collection of improvised anvils

    Well I hit it with my hammer last night just to check on a thin piece of random metal it put a mark on my hammer and on the metal with no sign on the ball that I even hit it so I think it's hardened
  7. A collection of improvised anvils

    Okay I didn't know if it only worked well for hardened metals or if it worked for unhardened as well but I assumed it would work that's why I picked up a 1 inch ball bearing I seen on the side of the road I planned on using it to find a good improvises anvil
  8. A collection of improvised anvils

    I actually read something in another thread about testing anvils you are going to buy and I feel like I know what the answer is but here's the hypothetical part in my mind. Say I go to the scrap yard looking for a piece of steel to use as an improvised anvil and let's say for aregiments sake I come across a 6"×6"×6" cube of metal but the workers don't know if it's steel or cast iron or what it is right off hand. Could the ring and rebound tests be a good indicator as to if it's a good piece for an anvil or could it be affected by what it's on or around it too much for those tests to actually work seeing as how it is in a scrap yard
  9. A collection of improvised anvils

    I dont think I'll be buying a new one just to see if it works but I have been leaning more towards sledge hammer heads until I can find a bigger chunk of steel I can fashion into a special anvil me and my grandpa designed a long time ago we just never built it. If you feel it would benefit any of the new emerging smiths I'd say it's a great idea to make a commentary thread on it.
  10. A collection of improvised anvils

    I've been really considering buying one until I can get something more efficient I have been given an old rr track anvil my grandpa used as a welding anvil by my grandma but I haven't been able to go get it yet but I seen a thread on here I may try with a different piece of track I'm trying to get.
  11. A collection of improvised anvils

    Okay cool the way they were saying was go down to wally world and pick in up cut the handle in half stab it in a stump and get to hammering which I guess if it's what you can get it wold do but I feel a sledge hammer head would work better if the barbell was cast iron and probably be cheaper
  12. A collection of improvised anvils

    I haven't seen it on this thread or anyone say anything about it on ifi yet but I read a couple of sites saying that you can use an 80 lbs barbell as long as,it's all metal but I haven't seen one in use.
  13. Creosote as fuel?

    I've been religiously reading threads on forges, fire control, fuels, improvised anvils, heat treating and tempering, and anything else to do with general blacksmithing I have a few apps I've found useful as well but I research the forums on my breaks at work and when I get home.
  14. Creosote as fuel?

    I think their goal is to comment on every thread ever posted on here but I'm not complaining I feel that I've learned more from their comments than on random google searches
  15. Creosote as fuel?

    Okay that answered my question I was just curious about it so I'll just stick with the plan of homemade charcoal and tree bark then I'm supposed to be getting my forge in sometime before the end of the week I had a guy build me one and I'm just waiting then all I'll be missing is my anvil which I'm working on gathering the materials for it. Somehow I knew you 2 would be the ones to answer my quandary.