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  1. Improvised anvils, not ASO. An Anvil-Shaped Object is something that *looks* like an anvil, but doesn't perform as one. Have fun, Arthur
  2. Is that similar to what you are trying to make? I made a small ball punch and used it to hot punch the pupil. Then ground off the shape of the eye. The one to the left I purposefully opened up so the the pupil would look like it was partially under the eyelid.
  3. Now a year later, and this morning I had to patch my fire pot. As expected a part of it wore out (or burned through). I estimate usage over the last year to be about 100 hours. Since the damage was localized right above the tuyere, I repaired it by adding a thick piece of steel where the hole was. Almost 1/2" thick (cut from a rail tie plate), compared to 1/8" for the original plate. Took about 30 mimutes to cut and weld in place. That should last a while longer.
  4. Nice design! Tube for the arm would work, only the top die needs to be solid and go through the tube. If you arrange the botton die to be removable, then you can use body of the tool for different dies. Much like a guillotine tool. With the lengthened arm, you could call it a trebuchet tool.
  5. No cerveza for me, that was a bottle of cider.
  6. Indeed, I forgot about the ears. Next time! Thanks for the compliment. But I've seen your work, jlp, and you're far ahead of me in a lot of other items!
  7. First bottle opener with first horse head. Haven't tested it yet; I plan to do so later today.
  8. I was able to spend a few hours in the shop this morning. Finished a few punches: 2 eye punches. 1 square punch and 2 ball punches (to make the eye punches and other texturing). All from a small coil spring. I also made 2 drifts from a 3/4" diameter length of unknown steel (sparked like medium carbon to my admittedly novice eye). First time.I make eye punches. Figured I'd make 2 different ones. One has a centered pupil while the other one is offset as if partly hidden by the eyelid (for an angrier/more aggressive look). Had to try them out eben though I was winding down, so I heated up a small piece to do so.
  9. I was able to sneak out tothe shop this evening for a little time in the shop. Couldn't work hard, since I hurt my shoulder a month ago (tendinitis) and am still recovering. Cleaning up stumps for secondary anvil and tool mount.
  10. It looks large but it is only 10" wide. I used the increased height to compensate and still get a decent inside volume. I get a bit over 2 cubic feet of air for each one-way movement of the piston.
  11. Box bellows are great sources of air. When I made mine, I went with the handle oriented vertically and mounted it higher. I find it a more natural position for the arm and shoulder. Just hold my hand up and grab the handle. It also allows me to just lean into and away from the bellows to pump it. Great set up. Well done.
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