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  1. Show me your anvil stands

    Here's my stand. Nothing fancy or original, just 4"x4" held together by 3/8" threaded rods, but it will do the job. I will add a coat or two of oil-based wood stain when the temperature come up enough for it to cure. The center pieces were purposefully cut an inch shorter than the corners, for more stability. The center also has a cavity that I filled with scraps of iron to increase the weight. I'd say the stand weights about 40 pounds, while the anvil is a small 86 pounds.
  2. Workshop Plans

    Long time since my last update on the workshop. Winter was cold here (several week at -20 C), so that slowed down progress. Still, I managed to work a few days and evenings over the last months. I made a stand for my anvil and mounted it. Nothing fancy or original, but that should work well. The stand gave me a more even rebound on the anvil, I'd call it a decent 80% over pretty much all of the surface, dropping down to about 70% on the heel. I then organized the shop somewhat, cutting the old railings and window grates that I got from my brother and parents into bars that I can use, and storing them in a more efficient manner. I also made a side draft box for my chimney. I had some help and tips from my dad, who was a professional welder before he retired. Painted it two days ago and installed it today. The side draft is hungs from the ceiling so that the weight doesn't put stress on the chimney. It will also allow me to move the forging table when I'm not using it. I've started to work on a japanese box bellows that will fit behind the chimney on the wall. It is narrower and taller that the standard design. Overall, I am quite happy with my progress!
  3. What Did You do in the Shop Today?

    This is a great topic, thank you littleblacksmith for starting it, and everyone who has contributed to it. I've been reading it and mining it for ideas when my shop is ready for actual smithing. Lots of great stuff here! For now, I can show you the little side draft box that I've made. Made from 16 gauge mild steel, welded with the MIG/flux core welder I received for Christmas. My dad helped me get started with the welding (he was a professional welder before he retired). Painted it two days ago. I installed eyebolts in the corners to hang it from the ceiling, which should make it more stable and prevent the weight from pulling at the chimney.
  4. My First Anvil. Brooks 64kg/140lbs

    Very nice! Interestingly, I saw the exact same model announced for sale about 2 hours away from me, but at $6 per pound it seemed overpriced to me.
  5. Very nice haul, Pr3ssure. But please, next time wear shoes (at least) when handling metal. Just dropping something on your foot may cause a lot of damage! Cheers!
  6. Workshop Plans

    I plan on using a charcoal forge, so 2 windows plus the door should be enough ventilation. I did a bit of research on formaldehyde gas and OSB, and in Canada there are regulations since 2010 that limit how much OSB can emit. There may still be some, but not as much as before. So far the smell has been fairly low.
  7. Workshop Plans

    Nice tip SLAG. I can get some spider plants easily -- we have some in the family and they are easy to multiply. But I will have to wait until spring at least before I can put any into my shop, as they would simply freeze right now. For now I get plenty of air coming in, as I pass an extension cord through a window for power whrn I am in the shop.
  8. Workshop Plans

    Long time since my last update. The exterior is done and I'm working on the inside. I have installed some shelves. The lighting is done as well, although for now it will be plugged into an extension cord to the house whenever I need it. Still have a lot of work to do before I am ready to light a forge in there, but it is coming along.
  9. My first anvil

    Indeed, that third line I was able to read. First line I am pretty much hopeless anyone can guess at. Second line is the most intriguing, with what looks like "CH" with perhaps an "A" after that. Or perhaps the first letters are "CI" with an "M" or "N" after that. That word seems shorter than the first line's, about 6 letters. Wondering if any anvil maker's name would fit that. The markings are stamped into the anvil.
  10. My first anvil

    Anyone has any idea what the faint writing might be? Still curious about my new anvil's id. Haven't seen many anvils with the pritchel hole near the horn (it actually comes out at the base of the horn), and it doesn't look like this was drilled after the fact. So this might be a clue.
  11. It followed me home

    From the lead I got when I purchased the leg vise last week, bought this 86-pound anvil with a shortened horn for C$120 (including 2 pairs of tongs). More details and pictures here.
  12. Purchased this anvil yesterday. The gentleman had three anvil of about 100 pounds. The other two were cleaner and looked nicer, but this one had the best rebound at over 70% even with the rusted face. The sound under the hammer was also good and even thoughout the face. Damage didn't look severe. It was also the least expensive at C$120 (roughly US$95 at current exchange rates), with the other two being about 3 times that price. Also got 2 pair of tongs for that price. I could see the marking of "3 7" so I knew it was originally 89 pounds. So at just a bit over $1 per pound I figured this would get me started and could eventually become my travelling anvil. At the time, I couldn't see any marking other than the weight and did not notice the color line in the rust. Brought it home, cleaned it up and tested the rebound again, though unmounted to a solid base. Rebound is 80% in most spots, with one spot at 90% (close to the hardy) and one at about 70% (in the middle of the sway). Final weight is 86 pounds. It is only while cleaning it up that I noticed some faint markings. Three lines of them, the botton one I can make out as being "Warranted". Top one is almost completely illegible and the middle one I can only make out a few letters. Seem to start with "CH" with perhaps an "A" afterwards. No other markings on the feet or bottom. I notice the coloration line is still there. Maybe that was from the anvil being half-burried in mud for a long time? It didn't sound or react any differently from one side to the other. Here's a full set of pictures of the anvil cleaned up. The markings made me curious. Anyone cares to make a guess at its make and origin? Cheers!
  13. It followed me home

    Followed me home yesterday evening, a 5" leg vise in great condition. The screw looks perfect to my inexperienced eyes. It's a beast, weighting 75 pounds. I think I paid a fair price at C$165 (which means roughly US$130 at current exchange rates), particularly considering it was less than a 30 minutes drive from my home. And the guy I bought it from gave me a lead on an anvil.
  14. Workshop Plans

    Workshop update: Almost done with the exterior work. I have installed the windows, door and siding. All that's left are the finishing touches (soffit and fascia).
  15. Do Wood Forges Need Firebricks?

    I'm suprised none of the regular mentioned it, but if you put your location in your profile you may be surprised to discover that other IFI members live in your area. They may be able to suggest places where you could get coal at a reasonable price or, barring that, how to find other local resources.