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  1. Workshop Plans

    Workshop update: The roof is done, including the chimney. All that's left is to add the spark arrestor to the chimney cap. I've started working on the inside while I wait for the siding and windows to be delivered. I made a mistake in not ordering those sooner, but it's not like there's nothing else to do in the meantime.
  2. I'm not sure the bottom plate will provide any advantage, except to increase the noise level... More knowledgeable members can certainly correct me if I'm wrong.
  3. intro from Canada!

    Salut Antione! Where exactly in Quebec are you?
  4. Hello from Montreal south-shore

    I'm going for a charcoal forge as my main, though I may eventually add a propane forge for heat treatment later on. Thanks!
  5. 20170826_164232.jpg

    None whatsoever !
  6. Workshop Plans

    Much progress over the last few weeks, since I was on vacation. Poured the concrete slab before going away to Pennsic War (a big SCA event). Once I came back I started putting up the structure, with much help from my dad. Here's a few pictures of the progress... I'm starting to install the roofing this week.
  7. 20170826_164232.jpg

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  8. 20170824_172334.jpg

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  13. Hello from Montreal south-shore

    Salut Ben! I'm in Quebec City and joined IFI just a few months ago. Still learning about the craft and don't have a forge yet -- I'm still contructing the building where my shop will be -- but we're not so far away so we could meet some time if you want. Au plaisir!
  14. Newish anvil.

    Why lay it on its side when you could have put it on end? That would have given you more metal under your hammer.
  15. What is this hammer ?

    Found a similar hammer last weekend and purchased it for C$5.