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  1. Yep, I plan on filling the legs with sand.
  2. A former clothesline pole, 11' long and 4.5" in diameter. I see the legs for the stand of my new anvil. What is left after that can be used for a stand for a grinder or a vise.
  3. A new to me anvil, possibly a Wilkinson Dudley (though the markings are pretty much impossible to make out). Good face with only a few dings and a little sway, 80%+ rebound, 157# (1-1-17 clearly marked).
  4. A new to me anvil, purchased from a fellow local smith who had one too many. The markings are very faint, but he's had it identified as a Wilkinson Dudley. Only has a few dings on the face and a bit of sway. Marked at 157#, which is almost double what my current anvil is. Plus it has a horn, which my current anvil is short on. I see a nice stand for it in a close future. Just put it on that small stump to take pictures.
  5. C'est pour un contexte d'activité médiévales, alors le but était d'être le plus fidèle possible aux pinces Mastermyr, dont les poignées sont rondes. Je trouve aussi ça plus confortable. The tongs were made for a medieval recreation context and the objective was to have them as close as possible to the Mastermyr ones, that have round reins. I also find them more comfortable.
  6. Thanks SLAG. blacksmith-450, yes it took a few hours to draw out those reins. I learned that I need to heat the steel to bright yellow to have it move faster. Overall the tongs too me about 10 hours to make. Next one should be faster, as I now have a better sense of how curved the jaws need to be. Nice bottle opener, btw. Very clean lines.
  7. Finished a pair of Viking-style tongs, based on those in the Mastermyr chest. Made from 2 17" pieces of 1/2" square. Final length 25", weight 2.25 pounds.
  8. Sending positive energy his way. Arthur
  9. Started working on viking-style tongs., similar to those from the Mastermyr chest, from 1/2" square stock.
  10. I tend to think of mine as laurel leaves.
  11. Helena, it makes it easier for you to locate the one you need for a specific use. Otherwise you need to lift each one until you find the right one. Thomas, I did mark the ends of the inscribed lines with a center punch before chiseling.
  12. That is why this morning, before making another one, I made a simple hold down from a piece of 1/2" square and a sharper chisel. Took me half as long as the first one.
  13. Five months since the last time I lit up the forge, so I took it easy and made some simple things. A dozen tent stakes and a pair of bottle openers from small cuts of 3/8" square. The top one took a lot longer to make. Chiseling those lines before the twist was time-consuming, but it was good practice.
  14. Indeed, I will be careful with that. Doesn't look like it, as there are some areas where rust is starting to come through the paint, but I will double check.
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