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  1. Unfortunately, for the counterweight screw that train has passed. The head sheared off when I tried moving it after letting it soak with penetrating oil. You can see the head on the picture I posted (next to last).
  2. Thanks for the advice Irondragon. I have no intention to take apart the gears or the bearings. I know about the set and finicky alignment of the gears, and I do not want to mess that up. Just cleaning everything and apply paint where appropriate. I would just like to take the fan and back fan cover off to make it easier to clean and paint it. I prefer to paint the parts individually whenever possible for a more even coating and to protect the places I do not want painted.
  3. Started cleaning the inside of the fan case and tried to untighten the fan screw, but for now it won't come off. I'll let it soak in penetrating oil some more. Meanwhile, I scrubbed the outside fan cover using penetrating oil and steel wool. I then wiped most of the oil off but leaving a little so that the cover won't rust in the time it will take me to clean the rest of the blower. There was some kind of dried whitish coumpound between the cover halves (it can be seen on the previous picture), probably an attempt at reducing air loss from the imperfect joint. Not sure yet if I
  4. Did some work on the legs, which are now solid and stable. After a good while soaking in penetrating oil, the screws of the fan case came off easily. Once again, everything looks to be in excellent condition, though it will need of a good cleaning!
  5. A few weeks ago a nice Champion 400 blower followed me home. It seemed to be in good condition and the price was fairly low at C$150. The handle turned smoothly (if a bit slowly) and the only thing missing was the legs. Put on some legs on it today, as I wanted it upright and stable before I opened anything. The legs are a combination of 1 1/4" black pipe with electrical conduit elbows that I purchased at the hardware store. For now the elbows are just slipped onto the pieces of pipe. I plan on welding them together, after removing the galvanization of the elbows by soaki
  6. Put some legs on the Champion 400 blower that followed be home 3 weeks ago. Pieces of black pipe I had plus some electrical conduit elbows I purchased at the hardware store. I will finish the legs later, but I at least wanted the blower upright before I opened the cover to check the condition of the gears. Then I took the cover off and inspected the gears. Everything seem to be in excellent condition. I will post more pictures of the blower in the relevant section. Then I lit up the forge for the first time since December. Just a very short session, less than an hou
  7. Yes, it was. I already like that little vise a lot. It will be great for my travelling kit. Now to mount it on something that will be at once stable, portable and easy to pack, using materials that I have in the shop.
  8. Finished cleaning and oiling the leg vise I brought home last week. A little Columbian with "40" marking on one of the 4" jaws. Weights about 40#, so the marking probably refers to that.
  9. Late in the discussion, but I'll add a little something that wasn't specifically mentioned. Why buy the inexpensive tool (not necessarily cheap) first? Because, if have never used that tool, you don't have the expeirence with that tool that will help decide which features are worth spending money on. P Dee, the reason you could select a good bike for your daughter is because *you* had the experience and knowledge to determine what was worth spending good money on. If you can consult with someone more experienced than you are with the tool, and whom you can thrust, then you may b
  10. I had about an hour, so I started cleaning the leg vise which followed me home last weekend. All the parts seem to be in good condition, particularly the screw and screwbox.
  11. Good to know pnut. I'll look into it. Thanks!
  12. Champion 400 blower and a lightweight leg vise. The blower turns smoothly. It just needs a little cleaning and a few drops of oil. And a set of legs, which I plan on making. The screw on the vise looks to be in good condition (forgot to take a picture of it). The jaws are slightly mis-aligned, which should be correctable without too much trouble. And I think there is a cap missing at the end of the screwbox. Got those for C$250, which I think was a fair price.
  13. Those blanks look good! What are they made from, plain mild steel?
  14. After last week's trivet, I decided to make a scrolling jig. That took me about 3 hours to forge and weld together from 3 different pieces of flat stock, plus a piece of angle iron to put it in the vise. Only problem is that my vise is mounted close to a wall, so I can only do 1/2 of a turn at a time. Then I need to rotate the jig for another 1/2 turn. I will probably add a stem to it and use my anvil as a base next time. A bit of advice for new smiths making a scrolling jig like that: take your time and make it as even as you can. Any defect will show up on all scrol
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