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What would the minimum tuyere length be if I'm attaching a hair dryer? 

I don't want to assume anything and melt the hair dryer or make it unnecessarily long. 

I have two 12" long pipes that aren't threaded so I can't use an elbow. I do have that metallic hvac tape if it's okay to use that within 12" of the end that's in the fire. I can probably find something else to work with if I want to take another week. 

I was really hoping to get this finished today but this heat is stoooopid. Work an hour, drink and rest for two. Work 30 minutes, drink and rest an hour. 

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A blow drier will still supply way more than it needs and 12" of tuyere pipe is plenty of distance. The air flow will cool the pipe and if you place the blow drier a little ways away from the pipe and just adjust how well aligned they are to control the air blast to the fire. 

Frosty The Lucky.

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Yes, it is anthracite and yes, I did see a few posts about the differences. From what I could tell, it basically takes longer to light and needs constant air to keep going. I can do another search though, to make sure I've got it all. 

The TSC coal was just to get me going until I could get the other. It's what the local guy here used when he had me over to learn how to get the burn going and whatnot. I figured it worked well enough, given that I didn't know any better, lol

The next BAM meeting is in Chillicothe and there is also a source for blacksmithing coal there, so I figured I'd get in contact with that place closer to the date of the meeting. 

I DID know already not to use briquettes. 

I have a little bit of charcoal from when we last burned old branches, and I have a bunch of wood I can burn if I want to make more. I saw Blackbear had a video on how to do it. Although, I also read that it burns up really fast so I figured coal was the better option for me for now. Or maybe a mix of the two. Use a few lumps of charcoal to get the coal going. 

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BTW, you may well know this but do not use charcoal briquettes for fuel.  Use actual lump charcoal.  Around here "Cowboy" brand charcoal is available as lump charcoal.  It looks like black pieces of wood.  Briquettes are made of powedered charcoal with a binder (often corn starch) to hold the powder together.  When in an air blast the binder diintegrates and you are burning charcoal dust with LOTS of sparks and burning bits in the air.  NOT fun.

"By hammer and hand all arts do stand."

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