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  1. musk-rat


    I had something like that as my first gas forge and used it one time before selling it. I was not happy with the quality of the product. I now have a single burner economy forge from Diamondback Ironworks and I love it. Much better quality.
  2. Very good write up. Picked a few more tips. Thanks for posting!
  3. Where did you find the rollers and the track for your doors? Thanks.
  4. Thanks, wish you could still buy from them :D
  5. That was great! Makes me want to go out and try it myself :P
  6. Great story! Myself I am 33, when I started a memeber on the forum was nice enough to give me my first forge. Once I was ready to move to a different set-up I passed it on to a "kid" that was 18. I have never been part of any other hobby where people are willing to help one another out as much as blacksmith.
  7. I have made all steel roses before, had did you hold the two different metals together?
  8. I have a one burner gas forge from Diamonddack Ironworks. Their two burner design is around $325 I think. I could not be happier with the one I have. It is great for smaller stuff that I mess with now and then. It is built very nice and comes with an operating manual. If I had the extra money I would have gotten the two burner design, but this was also my first gas forge.
  9. Send it back, they scratched the paint. Or send it my way :D
  10. Looks like a good start. It is alwas nice to have a job where they will let you have the scrap :D
  11. I have applied it mostly with a damp cloth, then sprayed a clear coat over the metal to keep the color and give the part some added shine. I also have applied to with alittle water added to the can and a brush.
  12. I was one of the lucky ones too. Henryville is just down the road from me, and the storm stop just in time. I have never seen so much damage in one place before. The Mid-America Science Park in Scottsburg is taking donations if anyone would like to help out.
  13. You try this place
  14. I have one of their 70# anvils. For the work I do it has been great. The main reason I bought it was I was unable to find an used anvil that was in good shape for the price I paid for it. My only complaint is you will need to strap it down so it does not bounce around since it is somewhat lite.