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Tornados in Southern Indiana


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The severe tornado outbreak in Southern Indiana was very close to me but missed my home. About 15 miles north of me however is a path of death and destruction. schools full of kids hit, several towns flattened. BIG tornado, on the ground for maybe 90 miles, followed 20 minutes later by another. Saw on the radar and TV 5 confirmed on the ground at once. I was in KY at work, putting my folks in shelter and seeing them head what looked like right at my house. Big lump, as the cell phone towers went down and could not raise the family. but mine are OK. North, of me they need prayers.

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I was one of the lucky ones too. Henryville is just down the road from me, and the storm stop just in time. I have never seen so much damage in one place before. The Mid-America Science Park in Scottsburg is taking donations if anyone would like to help out.

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Another round today, Louisville suberb Fern Creek got hit this afternoon, at least an F-1. And since the sun came back out, for another 4 hours since the energy has rebuilt. Round 2 is upon us, and I see massive build-ups. Tornado watch till 1:00 am Saturday.
Fasten your seat belts, it's going to be a bumpy ride tonight.

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