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  1. I can bore it, but my only access to machine tools is at my college and this is my last week until graduation. I do have a job lined up, but it might not be a good idea asking to use a lathe or a mill when I'm just starting out there. I think that since I haven't bought wheels yet, my best bet is to make some sort of adapter this week while I can. Thanks for the tip. Most likely something like this, but with a keyed shaft.
  2. I've been working on my own grinder for a week or so now, following Dan Comeau's BG272 plans. If I would of had more time with a CNC mill I would of built a KMG clone, but ohh well. I have one question. Due to my budget, I had to get the only used motor I could find locally. A 3HP US Motors. The only downside is that the shaft is 1-1/8" and no one sells a drive wheel with that bore. Unfortunately I do not have the stock to turn a wheel this size on the lathe. Any recommendations on how to get a drive wheel fitted on the 1-1/8" shaft? Thank you. Here's some progress.
  3. Nice man! I did something real similar with a 55 gallon drum and a brake drum. Looks real nice. :)
  4. My new 55/brake drum forge. The rim underneath and the table is quite temporary though. I will make a frame out of angle iron soon.
  5. Allright! Thanks a lot Darren, I'm sure it will be around the summer, if that's allright with you. By the way, I don't think I told you, but my name is Samuel. :D
  6. WOW! I was almost done building my current forge, but I think I will strip down my old broken mower and do this, it's exactly the style I was looking for! Nice job, and thanks!
  7. Nice knife Darren, When I get to know my blacksmithing terms and what not, It would be cool to check out your shop. I am about 2 hours away I believe.
  8. Thanks for the explanation Glenn, also thanks for the great idea Ridgeway! I will try to make the drum forge work tonight. I will post later or tomorrow with results. :D
  9. Hey guys, the other day I made a small forge, but it was too deep, and did not have a big enough diameter. It did burn good tough, I was not paying enough attention, and I accidentally melted a piece of rebar. So I made a new forge, wich was this, but it does not really work well. The wood was too close to the forge and it burns a little, and the coal is not deep enough. The table is nice though, but If I ever do another design, I will patch it up and use it to put tools and other miscellaneous things on it. I looked at Glenn's 55 gallon forge blueprint, and heard good thing about it, I have a smaller drum, but I have a feeling that it would be better than my other forges. What do you guys think would be better? I really appreciate any help I can get, because I want to finish up the forge and worry abut the tools and anvils after. I might also ask a local blacksmith, there's going to be a demo next Sunday. Can't wait! :D
  10. Yeah, like Modvitner said, real nice forge!
  11. Hi guys, I got myself a place in my yard for my forge, and I made a new table. The table is made from wood and the forge part itself is made out of a rim. I wanted to cover the holes in the rim with metal sheets. I have a feeling that the wood will catch on fire, because there is wood inside the 55 gallon drum. Does anyone have any ideas on what I could do? Thanks! :D I know the shed is crap, but my dad gave it for free, and I will fix it up.
  12. Krimble

    New Demo Forge

    Really? I might ask my dad, I haven't really tought too much about it, but maybe if I move the shed little, so if it burns, well... it wont be next to the garage.
  13. Krimble

    New Demo Forge

    Looks real nice, I wish I had an inside forge, I have a shed, but that's not really safe, so I can't really forge in he winter. :(
  14. He said he had to use it for a couple months, but after that, the anvil is mine :D
  15. I sure will, I have many things to learn, but like he said, I have a lot of time to learn it. He used it to make anchors and stuff for his boat, because he used to fish lobster. He said that back then there was not much welders and they weren't cheap, so they welded with a forge. He then told us many stories about blacksmiths and god and stuff, but it was interesting.