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  1. I love everything about it! Nice!
  2. Simple is more pratical than extra fancy. The handle looks like you get a good grip without slipping out of you hand, although fancy is also nice if someone is willing to pay extra for the work. Nice work anyway you look at it!
  3. Great idea! If you find the right place to sell it I'm sure you could get 2-3 hundred or more. It's one of a kind!
  4. Very cool! Nice texture!
  5. Paul Crosby

    Finished Helve Hammer

    It came out beautiful! Love it!
  6. Thanks! I used sophisticated finishes, patina green antiquing solution, It has ammonium chloride and copper sulphate in it. It actually goes on clear and changes as it dries. I keep adding until I get the color I want. You can get it at Michaels craft store. I used soft roll solder
  7. I've been making my spatulas with sheet brass 18 gage. I forge a handle with 1/4 or 1/2 inch square stock and I rivet them together. The brass is hammered for a classy look. I can post a picture if you like. Just let me know!
  8. Nice work! If it works you accomplished your goal! Keep it up!
  9. Nice work! If you have patience you can accomplish anything!
  10. Very nice! You can't go wrong when it opens a bottle of wine. Keep up the good work!
  11. Santa has been busy this fall. I made four different drying racks for mittens and hats. Pictured is the dog rack. It's made of 1/2 inch round stock with 1/4 inch round stock for the hangers which are designed to come off and move up or down? They range about 16 inches long. The base is 1 1/2" flat steel riveted together with a scroll for the feet. I started out with 22 inches of flat stock. It seems to be pretty stable. The pole is welded to the stand and is 4ft tall. The top which also comes off is solid copper wire and 22 gage sheet shaped soldered and antiqued. Three are gifts for my daughters and one was a special order. The other tops were a chicken, bear and a whitetail deer.
  12. As I walk through the corners of my shop I shall feel no cold, the glowing metal is starting to come to life, as a item worthy of its new owner. A few more blows of the hammer will finish this piece, and dreams of new projects dance in my mind. The smell of burning coal fills the sky, with one last blow, its a masterpiece! I know this piece will last a lifetime long after I'm gone, with thoughts and memories still to come. Just saying! I'm addicted as well!
  13. Occasionally, I use a leather glove on my left hand while forging. But 9 out of 10 times, bare hands. Love the feel of the steel!!
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