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  1. Well this is not a tradition but I thought it might be funny to post here... A friend of ours made me this awesome cake for my 40th birthday... How many out there can say they ate an anvil for dessert, then cleaned out the stuck pieces of it on their teeth with a hammer handle ???
  2. 1986 Harley Softail Custom... Bike didn't change, I lost the hair...
  3. I use 1/3 of each and make small batches at a time. I used to make large batches but found they dry up over time (probably the turpentine/mineral spirits) and don't go on as easily as when the batch was fresh. Let dry 10-20 minutes, then buff with a rag. Works great for me...
  4. Very nice, every detail has been carefully executed. I see a lot of work and patience in that piece. Funny thing, I just finished a dragon this week and used copper rivets for the eyes. Although I knew I was probably not the first one to think of this, I still thaught I was pretty slick to come up with the idea. I guess we were thinking the same thing at the same time. Again, nice job on the dragon and making it stand on your anvil just makes it even cooler !
  5. My vote goes to Brian Breazel also, all his blueprints, youtube videos, how-to's, etc...are like candy to me, . I learn something inspiring every time. Honesty, generosity and humble are just a few words that comes to mind when watching this man work. I only wish I was closer, I would sign up for a class with Brian for sure.
  6. It's quite impressive to see a split cross of that size, nicely done ! I like the hammered texture you guys put in it, you can see the hard work that went into that piece just by looking at it...
  7. Naz

    meat fork

    Awsome details, that is an impressive piece of traditional work.
  8. One thing that annoys me is when I hear someone (seller) tell me "I saw one just like it on ebay for such and such... What they don't know is that it has been on ebay, sometimes for years and hasen't sold. And probably won't until the person finally realizes his $400.00 anvil may not be worth $850.00 after all.
  9. Same is true up here in Canada, every now and then I still find some good used tools for a great price but if you want a complete, well equiped blacksmith shop you will need to take out the dollars sooner or later.
  10. Excellent idea, I'll use that one ! Thanks for posting !
  11. Are you bending hot or cold ? 3/8" rod bends cold quite easily on a 2 foot diameter. Cut a longer piece than you need and go around the drum (Jig) let's say 1 1/2 turns. Of course there will be spring back and your ring will be a bit larger than 2 foot diameter, if this is an issue maybe you can find something smaller to use as a jig or arrange the job to fit with a larger diameter ring. Hope this helps, good luck ! Naz
  12. WOW ! I really like the look of that finish, specially when you think it's been galvanized... I didn't think you could get a nice looking finish as this after it was galvanized... Thanks for posting this macbruce ! Would love to see a pic of the finished railing...
  13. Well I had another go at it and didn't get good results, the finish is extra-easy to scratch and I'm not sure where I went wrong. Two things come to mind after re-reading the above replies. 1- I wire wheeled all parts to a smooth gray finish (then read John's reply advising not to do this !!!) 2- I may have mixed the 3rd coat of paste with too much thinner (again, this was done prior to reading John's reply advising not to mix too thin !!!) I suspect the thinner of the 3rd coat has found it's way into the 2 prevous ones, therfore destroying them ! Also, I've added a coat of clear acrylic on top of everything and that did not seem to have adhered either ??? Thanks for all the tips guys, at least I know where I went wrong and will be ready next time ! Tried to add photos and wasn't able, sometimes it works, other times it doesn't. It's like rolling the dice !!!
  14. Hi Marek, Here's a list of some of the blacksmith shops around Montreal. Yup, it's in french and I don't know which one of them also speaks english or if they are looking for help right now but it's a place to start... All the e-mail adresses are there so you may want to post the above message to them and see how that goes... By the way, you do very nice work ! http://www.forgerons.qc.ca/liste-des-membres-1 Good luck !
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