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  1. Still about the same , all i do now days is teaching most every weekend, still make some tooling here and there for orders , but all is good....
  2. Have about a thousand to spend maybe a tad bit more on a anvil, been looking at the nimba titan anvil and a 200# Emerson, I work on a hundred twenty five pound Fisher now and the size is OK but I've worked on bigger anvils ind like the room . Out of the two which ones would you pick in why is there any other ones at that price range to throw into the mix?
  3. That forge is sold now . There was no markings on it either so I never knew what the maker was . Was very nice though plenty of power and heat . I now have a buffalo hand cranked rivet Forge . Looking back I should have kept that hand pump 1 for the demos just because it was neatier looking
  4. I have only got it set to where it drips every 15 minutes
  5. Put in a new 400 champion blower, nothing wrong with the old Buffalo but the 400 puts out more air . Shops been doing very well, I would have like to se t up a little different now that I'm a little more seasoned and also I'm giving more classes than anything else so a 2 Bay would have been ideal still might do that so stay tuned...
  6. Nice stuff I've been watching it on Facebook
  7. Yeah introduction to blade smithing is two weeks . Then you have to go back and take a one week class to make handles . I can't do 3 weeks in approaching $2000! I need about a one week class that teaches me how to make a knife from start to finish
  8. The one at the blade Smith society is two weeks long and they just make blades not the handles from what I understand.
  9. Not too far I will have to look it up
  10. Need a knife making class within 300 or 400 miles of Missouri , I have some time I usually take classes in February, Just seeing what my options are . This year I took a class with Brian to make tools, this coming year I would like to learn how to make knives ...
  11. It's made by Buffalo forge, its a bomb shelter fallout ventilation system blower, they are originally yellow, I painted it black and gold accents on the letters, that is a stand off of a Canedy-Otto
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