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I opened the package yesterday, there were no animals in it. There was a Ernst Refflinghaus No 58 150 kg anvil, the one I've been lusting for for ages. What a surprise! :)

I didn't have much time to forge yesterday, just enough to make a quick hot cut hardy and to finish the axe I started making last weekend. The anvil definitely feels a lot more solid than my old one (85 kg). Now I just need to mount it properly on the stump and to put some rubber mat in between them to deaden the ringing.


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Dont put a mat under it in my opinion it makes it bounce too much. Squirt a heavy bead of silicone under it and then find a large magnet to stick to the side of it and when it builds up a pile of scale it will take the ring out of it. It is a real beauty by the way. I have a Checkoslovakian(sp) 110kg and I mounted it on a 3 legged stand when I furst got it and put a mat under it and seemed like I was chasing it all the time. I took the mat out and put the silicone under it per a sugestion from Tom Clark and it works a lot better.

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MOBlacksmith, I've seen an anvil that was bolted to a concrete block with thin rubber mat in between. I didn't ring at all. I didn't forge on it so I can't say anything about the bounce. I guess, I'll try the silicon, especially as I should have a tube of silicon lying around somewhere. Thanks for the hint.

Daniel, the No 58 is more or less a standard model for Refflinghaus. They seem to have it in stock most of the time. It took a week and a half from the order to get it.

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