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I did a search on the forums and didn't come up with anything.


I was planning on building my first forge, but then I came across this forge


links removed as one goes to a parked web site and the other is an ebay account.


Anyone have any dealings with these forges? For the price their dual burner model might be good for a beginner like myself.

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I have one and it does get metal hot enough to forge.  It will work out of the box, but I found the lining to be less than adequate on it and I am in the process of relining and coating with ITC 100 (you will need to get some ITC100 as it does not come with any).


I'm a beginner as well and was kind of stuck in the planning/indecision phase.  This forge at least got me hammering.  Worth the money?  Depends on your expectations... 

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I purchased a CK forge two burner a few months ago. 


The first thing I noticed is that it seems finicky.  With a neutral flame I get a solid and persistent "whoomp whoomp whoomp" instead of a steady burn.  If I tune it higher it starts shooting flames out the top burner holes and if I tune it lower it just gives me orange flames instead of the blue I want.  I also can't block up the back exit at all or it again starts shooting flames out the burner holes. 


I'm very new to forging so this could just be my inexperience.  I'm thinking I'll purchase a better regulator with a PSI guage to start and see if that helps.  I had no problem getting rebar to temp, but with thicker material like railroad spikes I just can't seem to get it hot enough.

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Have you found a way to keep the fire inside the forge? I got this one second hand. But I email the owner of the company and ask how to control the flame, but have got nothing. Thinking about making the length long to hold the flame. Also didn't know if I should change the burner tips to larger dims. Thanks Nic

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