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first day on new forge build


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I really wasn't planning on building a forge but i was at work and the mechanical company was getting ready to scrap a return air fan mounting frame. it was made of 3" square tubing and 2" square tubing cross members and other bracing it was 5 1/2' x 6' x 4' tall. so i offered to pay them scrap price for it and the foreman said take it so needless to say they set it in the back of my truck with the crane and it was on its way to its new home. I had my son Eli cut it apart yesterday and i started cutting the pieces to size today and was able to weld a couple of pieces together today.
I have some 1/4" flat stock that i will be using for the table and the fire pot. I also plan on using the super sucker hood plans over on anvilfire. looks like the cheapest and simplest hood. I will post more pics as I progress. here are some pictures of todays progress.
thanks for looking,

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I got some material the other day and I was finally able to make some progress. I welded up a clinkerbreaker out of 1/4" plate i have about 3 hrs into the clinkerbreaker between welding and grinding. I also welded up my firepot drilled the holesin the bottom and taped the breaker holder so i can bolt it to the bottom of the pot after it gets welded to the tuyere assembly(4"x4" with 3" tube for blower tube) i also picked up a piece of 2"x6"x12" steel plate for a striking anvil. here are some picks let me know what you think and weather you would change anything.
thanks eric







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i finally got to make some progress on the forge and hood. don't laugh at my welding im just a rookie. I have just a couple of things to finish up (clinker breaker handle and counter wieght on the ash dump) and i should be ready to paint and install it in the smithy. here are a few more pics


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Thanks for all the comments. also thanks to everyone on the forum that has contributed the wealth of information that i have tapped into to build my forge. I have taken many of the ideas i have seen on here and made what i thought to be a good forge to last my son and i many years.

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