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  1. I just traded for a 150 lb Hay Budden anvil. The number on the base is 7639A. Can anyone tell me when it was made? Thank You!
  2. Is anyone familiar with a buffalo 6660 forge? It has both hand crank and electric blowers. It has a cast iron hood. I will post pictures later.
  3. How do you fellows attach screen material to fire screen frames? Thank You!
  4. Thanks guys! Gate post are plum. Contractor used a transit for level. They have 1.5 yards of concrete per hole. Contractor said ground was firm.
  5. Soil is clay. Climate is southern. Post is in center of 30" concrete. Post not filled. Customer wanted gate and post unfinished. Gate is 2" square tube with 3/4 round every 6" horizontal and diagonal. It will basically be a larger version of these indoor gates. '> '> '>
  6. Thank you for your reply! Post will be flush on face side with masonry.
  7. I am building a pair of driveway gates for a customer. Gates will each be 7' long x 5' high and weigh 450 lbs. Contractor has installed 6x6x1/4 post 4' deep in 3' square hole filled with concrete. Post will be wrapped with masonry. Will these single post be sufficient? Thank You!
  8. I recently did a family tree for some friends.
  9. I have probably worn out (Destroyed) fifty pair of these glasses. They where a great product, made in USA and with classic styling. I am not given over to change :(
  10. I have been wearing Bouton safety glasses # 249-5907-000 for twenty five years. http://www.hlbouton.com/hlb5900.html They have now been discontinued :angry: What kind of safety glasses are ya'll wearing?
  11. Do any of you fellows have a cnc plasma cutting table? If so how do you like it? What size is it? How much did you pay? Thank You!
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