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  1. Sweany

    Hofi Hammer

    I googled what you were looking for and found someone in the US, licensed to make the hammer.
  2. " bobble hammer curmudgeon " as long as it is hammering a sord, i want one.
  3. google Japanese box blower plans. The box blower works well with charcoal. Charcoal forge's are usually longer and deeper than a coal forge., again google.
  4. Good, Good, Good Vibrations....... I didn't know the song was written for turtles.
  5. One of my favorite handle treatments I learned from Bill Epps. Poke the handle in the forge and blacken it. Quickly wire brush the handle vigorously. The handle is now more "Grippy". Not my hammer but you get the point. No pics, but your hand should feel comfortable holding the hammer. Have someone pull on the hammer head, it should not be easily pulled from your hand without a lot of work on your part. Anvilfire has a really good "hammer control" article # 6 on the how to page.
  6. the first, is one of my favorite type of drawing out hammer...........
  7. Sweet with a handle on it!
  8. sell em on ebay buy good handle material
  9. titanium blade with a Nichrome edge, inlet into the blade. Google Nichrome blade
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