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  1. TimberBull

    Show me your Bottle Openers!

    Great instructional video. That’s all I got to say about that.
  2. Chief and Timber
  3. TimberBull

    Hoof picks

  4. TimberBull

    Welding nuts or bolts to metal

    I cleaned the material and clamped the nuts to the top with vise grips. Tacked and then welded all around the base of the nuts. I then screwed the bolts in and heated with a torch until I could pull them into the angle I wanted. Very sturdy and heavy forge table.
  5. You drop something and you look for your tongs.
  6. TimberBull

    Any idea on weight?

    I picked up my care package Wednesday. Quite a challenge getting it unloaded by myself but well worth it. I was dead set on putting it on two 12” x 12” timbers bolted together with allthread and 1” straps but after using it I have decided to leave it on this ugly stand. It is sitting on a 1/2” plate welded to a well casing sitting on an 18” x 32” x 1/2” plate. As solid as if it was bolted into concrete. It is higher than i wanted but is great for my back as I dont have to lean over it. I had to wire brush it a bit and give it a bath of Marvel Mystery oil. I welded four loops made from horseshoes to the plate it sits on. Now I can find my hammers and tongs. There is a whole lot more acerage here than on my RR track or sledge hammer head. They are both enjoying their retirement.
  7. TimberBull

    Shop apron

    I guess our shop aprons reach both ends of the spectrum. Betcha mine is more comfy tho.
  8. TimberBull

    Any idea on weight?

    200 lb. picked it up today.
  9. TimberBull

    Any idea on weight?

    My anvil and other toys finally shipped.
  10. TimberBull

    Shop apron

    I have been putting off buying a shop apron to try to keep my clothes halfway clean but I couldnt find anything I liked with a price I liked. I must have dreamed this but when I woke up this morning I dug out a worn out pair of overalls and went to work with a pair of scissors. I cut the back off just below where the suspenders attached and down the outside of the legs leaving the tool pockets attached. Then I cut across at the knees and back up to the crotch. I punched a hole in the back suspender Y and attatched a 72” bootlace. It threads thru the side buttonholes and ties in the back. If i could sew I would patch the holes in the thighs that were worn out by keys and pocketknife.
  11. TimberBull

    A collection of improvised anvils

    This actually works pretty well for light work anyway. 20lb sledge hammer head secured with a RR spike to a piece of square timber sitting on a couple of old galvanized milk crates. Im still waiting on my anvil to ship but this works better than it did clamped to a welding table.
  12. TimberBull

    Any idea on weight?

    Thanks! Fastenal quoted me $100 freight. All I gotta do is get my buddy to put it on a pallet and haul it to their store.
  13. TimberBull

    It followed me home

    1000lb Fairbanks hanging balance scale. 38 1/2” by 1/4 or so solid brass beam. One of the clevis pins is broken off on one side. Slight S bend in the beam. Both are fixable with a bit of patience. It is heavy. I think this was used in a slaughterhouse. It will shine up good. I paid $30, any one know anything about them or have any idea of value? Thanks
  14. TimberBull

    Any idea on weight?

    Those little pack anvils are interesting. I will keep eyes open for the right piece of steel. Thanks
  15. TimberBull

    Any idea on weight?

    That is neat. I would love one of those for the toolbox in my pickup. Im betting they are extremely scarce but it looks like one could be made from a piece of RR track. Thanks for posting that picture.