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  1. I have a single burner forge about 13 inches long, I'm unsure what you mean by size of burner but mine is relatively small with a .30 might tip for propane dispersal. I typically can judge my forge based on a little bit of experience with it, like the sound and color inside. I believe the lady meant no harm by what she was saying, she came from a propane background and I believe she was indoctrinated with give no advice that could lead to trouble for the company. She was actually very nice, but had no experience with propane forges, clearly. I may go to a two burner forge in the not so distant
  2. I'm in u.s.a as well. I was told that it was unsafe without a 2 stage regulator, but seeing as how you do so safely, I'm just going to stick with your method. Thank you for your reply and insight sir! Very much appreciated!
  3. Hello all, I recently bought a 100lb tank for my gas forge. I was told I needed a two stage regulator by a non blacksmith so I bought that. From what I can see I cant use this regulator with my adjustable psi regulator that I run from my 20lb tank to forge. I thought about getting a fitting that could adapt them together. The same person told me I couldn't use 3 regulators on a tank. I've called propane dealers in my area to see If they had a regulator to fit 100lb tanks that were adjustable psi and they wont sell non commercially. Would someone who knows about this please point me in the corr
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