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  1. As my newfound bestie, brother, and associate in ironmongery and other myriad interests we seem to be enjoining, I will say that I’ve already been praying for you, brother... That said, I have been told to GET SPECIFIC when I pray, and with this (slightly dated but still apparently quite relevant) information at hand, I will do just that. I’m not one to necropost ...but I wanted to sign onto this one officially. God Bless! Marc
  2. I‘m just trying to figure out if it’s a Vanvil or an Anvice...
  3. Huh. I saw that somewhere on the interwebs last week, don’t remember where. My thoughts went somewhere between “that’s really neat” to “that’s a good way to combine two things and make them not work as well as they do apart” ...as in the sum is possibly less than the whole of the parts. Really nice execution though.
  4. IF it was mine and was otherwise a repair candidate I would clean the heck out of it, preheat and tig weld that up with some ER70S-2 filler rod. That’s also assuming the part is steel, not iron. Then go ferro-nickel filler rod. Either way Tig is great for that repair. But hey I’m a new guy so what I think isn’t entirely relevant. And around these parts someone would still want 400-500 bucks for it. Home of the $15 a pound, beat to a pulp Vulcan anvil around here.
  5. Ehh.. about that. It’s a little ol girl. (My sublime humor) 400 ton 22’ Pacific. Research says they come in a lot of lengths. That’s a fair big one. Note...the crates of dies in front aren’t there any more ...along with a good bit of stock that might or might not be 4140. File says hard. Yet to do a spark test. Apparently there is a forklift fork waiting on me now as well. The power of gifted craft beer is strong. Again thanks for that scrounging tip. Pretty sure I read it here. My scrounging game was already pretty good. Nice addition to the quiver, that. My mood has improved s
  6. That thought, gentleman, has crossed my melon a couple times. Thank you for bringing it bubbling up to the top again. If I hadn’t stumbled across it he was going to scrap it at $65 a ton. I felt that would be unfortunate at best and my frugal Scot nature kicked in hard. I’m not in a hurry to mess it up, I got a fair amount of round and bar stock in the deal as well. Thank you. Marc
  7. Wow that got awkward fast. But seriously - I am happy to share. LMK. Some of the pieces are already perfect to go into a guillotine frame. (note to self - build a guillotine frame) and I suppose I can make a couple hammers, axes, drifts and hardy tools with a little left over... The cool heavy wire stock baskets were thrown in on the deal. Fairly sturdy. Some of the composited pieces in that basket are up around 100# each. Jeep is still mad at me from those load carries. I also got an out of date forklift LP tank thrown in that would make a good forge shell - but I’m not
  8. Thanks, Robert. Glad to meet someone new from the SD area! Everyone I know with any excuse to leave is down your way right now. My poor old Jeep said it was 122* driving along hwy 111 last week. She doesn’t like it much this time of year either. Yeah, beginners luck or whatever but I have an embarrassment of riches in 4140 by new guy standards. Looking forward to heating up some steel. Attached images are maybe a quarter of it, the rest is trying to cave in the floor of my storage space. Thanks again for the welcome! Marc
  9. Hello all, thanks for having me. I’ve been lurking and reading, reading and lurking (for long enough that I even filled out my location in my profile... I think) I’m a commercial food photog/designer in Palm Desert, CA put out of work by the scenario we are in currently, and I decided this was a good time to start something I’ve always wanted to do. I am a passable welder in Tig and stick, have a plasma rig and a few tools...and am at least marginally ok with my hands, so with (probably a lot) of help I should be able to at least do a little something. Basically another new guy just se
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