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  1. From Wikipedia: A stock 2008 Concours14 - 114 kW (153 hp) @ 8,800 rpm It weighs under 500 lbs as well, which magnifies how it feels on the road. The power to weight ratio = super fun. The only thing I miss is loud pipes. I was on a trip through the Upper Peninsula of Michigan two years ago and latched onto a group of riders on Harleys who all had straight pipes, or configurations that were as loud, and it was deafening - they came up from behind and I heard them before I saw them. I'm a believer that loud pipes save lives. That said, I love the kaw. It's nimble and gets out of the hole in a heartbeat.
  2. That's a piece of art, lchaloner. Seems very specifically suited and functional.
  3. Cool pics. Wrt maintaining your motorcycle class on your license, a nice benefit if you get to travel for whatever reason (mine tend to be trade conferences) there's often reciprocity between states. I've made a point of going to Eagle Rider or whatever rental outfit you like and rent a bike for bit if you have a day or two of down time. I find it's a great way to try out different makes and styles of machines to see what feels best. Not that expensive for a days worth of buzzing around and they'll usually supply helmets if you want/need one.
  4. Awesome info, gentlemen. Exactly what I was looking for. Will post pics here and report back of what we get up to. Thank you.
  5. Its not, Man, and I know it already. But it's my only shot with the available land and dollars I have to spend. I've resigned myself to the fact that bigger isnt an option so I need to get my minimalist game on, be efficient and conservative in how this thing happens and try to remain realistic and make every square foot count.
  6. The thick end of fork lift fork seems perfect
  7. That's a nice resource, stew. Thank you.
  8. My wife's had about enough of me bringing tools in the house. The new shop can't come fast enough for her.
  9. It just makes it, frosty. Less than 0.125" there's a bit of wiggle so you can disengage it.
  10. Just wondering how many enjoy, or used to enjoy riding and what manner of conveyance you have. Been riding since 1993, quit for a couple years after an accident in 2000. Always looking for a road trip or destination to tour through. Sizing up a run through the Smokey Mountains, down to Asheville NC and back next fall if work doesn't get in the way. 2008 Kawasaki Concours14
  11. Still newbing around but this one stands out as a proud minute because it was the first success I had sticking stainless to 1095. The first attempt never took so tried enclosing the whole sandwich in a thin wall tube with the ends welded shut and got it to stick in that O2 free environment. It was exciting to pry it out of the wrapper and see that it welded. Small victories. Osage orange w/nickel spacers
  12. Better late than never.. My deadman from a workshop 2 years ago in Johnstown, PA with the CMA crew. IMG_0418.mp4