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  1. Slow over the last couple weeks. It's been hot with no rain and the fish have gone deep and aren't moving for much.
  2. Thanks, Man. And I will. Pipe was free..left over well casing from a job years as go.
  3. Shop build update: 90% there. Moving in. Nothing bolted down yet. Yet to screw on steel panels for interior. Gas forge area will be concrete board with a parged finish. Laying out a built-in workbench atm.
  4. My dream space! (Had to over engineer the footer to hold a bank in place upon backfill.
  5. I know we're all getting the same news eventually, but if you haven't seen it..ibuprofen is showing a tendency to worsen symptoms in cases in Denmark and France, especially for people under 50. They're recommending sticking with acetaminophen for fever and aches if you or your family contract it...just an fyi. Also some yucks..
  6. Thanks, Thomas..one pour down, three to go.
  7. Shop foundation excavation. Pouring footers friday. Getting there bit by bit.
  8. Congrats, Man. Wife works in the recovery field and what you're doing is fantastic and difficult. Keep hoeing that row. You're worth this.
  9. Opinions please.. Getting ready to spend on the anvil for the tire hammer. Since hot rolled 1018 is cheaper than cold, my question is whether the increased tensile strength, brinell hardness, etc. of cold-rolled is worth the extra cost for the role of this part. Does it matter? It's a spendy chunk of steel and don't want to throw $ away on specs I don't need.
  10. Colic survivor here..they eventually stop or grow into a new less noisy phase. Ours took weeks. Only thing that calmed him was taking him for a walk outside in a chest carrier...at 3am etc. This too shall pass. Welcome to child rearing, it gets better!
  11. I've been a forum member with some group or another for hobbies and trade associations since the early 00s and I'm not surprised at at your reaction, but I think you're unfairly mischaracterizing things. Maybe you should rethink how you're coming off in here and try to understand that this is a space with unpaid moderators who have to wade through the same posts and requests for the same things for every person who decides they want to make something out of some steel...can you imagine how redundant that would get? So, boilerplate answers to brand new people asking a question that's be
  12. I love your hammer and your 3-phase workaround. Inspiring, man.
  13. I'm travelling down the same path. I ended up buying the Ray Clontz plans when I realized how much tank volume and space needed to house a compressor for any type of air hammer. Didn't want the extra infrastructure that was going to entail. Having a hammer I build myself will not only give me the jollies, but allows me to be the #1 service tech for it too, no need to hunt down a LG wizard if something is beyond my skill set. Just my 0.02.
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