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  1. thank you very much fellows. it's good to know you have friends if anyone can beat bone cancer it'll be me with your suport thanks again
  2. brothers it's happened again -same leg broken back in hospital. hope to get home soon
  3. The base is 18 x 40 inches and 30 inches tall. It is made from catalog 1 inch sq bar with hammer detail on all 4 sides. The client designed the table base, and he made the top from marble chips. The angle iron frame supports and holds the table top. Heymsfeld table001.pdf
  4. I see a change coming, With nearly one half of the population on government dole , The people who can do ANYTHING will gain respect and be well paid. Their pride and self respect will be obvious, and contagious.
  5. I have welded small drill holes in an aluminum boat hull ,with aluminum foil rolled tightly as filler rod, with an Ox-Acet. cutting torch . Not a method to be recommended . My suggestion is find a welder/fabricator nearby who has a MIG and the spool gun for Al.
  6. Thin wall seamless pipe 3" O.D. and larger can usually be scrounged for free, if you look for DRIVE SHAFTS !
  7. Here the welding supply stores are very glad to GIVE away old OX. bottles. They will have broken off the valve , ensuring the is no way for the bottle to hold gas. The bottom of an OX bottle has a fine dishing shape.My shop has a concrete floor so with carefull measuring you can figger out the correct height to cut the bottle and weld it to a tire rim . If I had dirt floors, digging a hole deep enough to up-end the tank into is the way I would have gone.
  8. 100 lb. Little Giant # 465 . Made in 1916, ( I think). Too dirty and greasy to fotograff, sorry.
  9. A very durable forge liner can easily be made from sand and portland cement ( not concrete mix) . Mix 3 parts sand with 1 part cement and just enough water to make a stiff mix that can be shaped into a bowl. This liner will insulate the fire from the large heat sink of the brake drum.
  10. Maybe someone will tell me what "THILL IRONS" are . This is from the same book, M.T. Richardson "Practical Blacksmithing"
  11. they look so good I want to try to smell them.
  12. Actually I like rust and several designers have asked for a rust finish on many pieces of wrought iron I have made. If you buy a piece of 1-1/2" x 1- 1/2" 1/4" wall steel tubing 20' long the inside is exactly 1" square and 1" hardy hole pieces can be sawn from it. these can be welded to any stout table and are a fine addition that you will appreciate . with the remainder of the tubing a swinging boom can be made to turn on a 1" round bar piece, and will be able to assist your heavy lifts. Here in Baton Rouge Capitol Steel quotes $68. for one piece.
  13. I got a Brooks 100 lb anvil for sale . Come to the USA and pick it up cheap.
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