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  1. Like I said, I'm still trying to figure this all out
  2. I have been surprised that there isn't as much blacksmithing in RI as I had thought. But hopefully I can change that. I will probably end up building my own hammer just to save some money. I have a ton of scrap metal laying around that I can weld together. I have seen some posts on different hammers and this is what I think I am going to build. (sorry it is side ways!!)
  3. I completely agree with what everyone is saying here. Like I said, I am just starting to get into blacksmithing. Yes I need to brush up on terminology. I have messed around with a couple of forge welded billets, but non have turned out as well as I have hoped. I have been looking at NEB website to try and find someone I could go and learn some stuff from. And I have also been looking into coming to the get together in June. I was able to talk to Glen over the phone before starting this post and he had given me a lot of useful information. I didn't mean to come into this thread and
  4. Well, define anvil. I took a big piece of I beam and welded a 5/8" thick plate on top for an anvil. I do have a decent hammer. No tongs. I weld a rod onto the end of my pieces and stick them in the forge. I am trying to make Damascus steel knives and billets. Not trying to sell anything. Possibly sell some knives depending on how they turn out. I'm guessing it is going to take a while before they start looking good enough to sell. ThomasPowers, I am looking for a foot powered treadle hammer or any kind of mechanical hammer. I do have equipment to move a hammer, I do have acce
  5. Hey guys, I am just starting to get into forging. I want to start making knives and billets of Damascus steel to machine into all sorts of stuff. My question is if anyone out there had any mechanical power hammers for sale? I have been looking into making one, but thought I might see if anyone had a hammer for sale.
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