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  1. I am so happy right now! This was not to much information. In fact it has me re thinking several aspects of my forge and the burner I am thinking about building. Thank you so much! I have so many more questions now but they are half formed. And yes I was talking about the forge with the nozzle cast directly into the liner. My step father was a stone mason and I was remembering that he favored a "Fiber Mesh" product added to the "mud" when he was making fireplaces/chimneys. It was a fiber glass like product that he said reduced cracking and helped reinforce the cement. My inital thought
  2. This is wonderful! I was wondering you had any more information on this one? I was thinking about building something very similar but was wondering if you had any ratios or data for this kind of burner? I was initially thinking that the area of the opening (nozzle, nozzletts, blade?) should be 1 to 1.25 the area of the tube but this one looks like this one has a larger ratio? I was also wondering what happens if you 'force' air into one of your burners. I was was thinking having a plenum around the top. I am guessing it would blow the flame out? or could it make your already impressive
  3. Hello BeaverDamForge. thank you for your comments. I am wanting to know more about this gasifier forge you built but alas when I click the link it redirects me back to the corn forge topic. which is frustrating because that is where I found the link. Could you help me with a different link? or the title of that discussion?
  4. Darn I was hoping there was something like the steam tables From thermodynamics. I am pretty broke and most of my stuff is found metal. I occasionally know the series but not much else. I was hoping to narrow down some of it with some quench tests and cross referencing. Thank you so much for your help and for your knowledge! I really appreciate everything you bring to this environment!
  5. Forgive me Mr Sells if this was covered elsewhere and I have not found it yet or if this is something you would rather I read form your book, but how would I know what works best for the steel I am using and the project I am working on? If it is elsewhere could you help me find it? I am struggling to find what I am looking for using the search. I was wondering if there was a chart somewhere that equates the speed of quench to the hardness for different steels? Or is it really just use certain quenchants for certain steels?
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