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  1. frosty what are you using as an orifice? i reduced air intake to stablize the flame. i dont have a regulater so i cant control the pressure
  2. ok finally got around to gettin some pictures. looks like the flames does ride the inside of the nozzle quite a bit. however i ran the forge at prbly somethjng like 75% for an hour and a half and it stayed fairly cool up towards the air intake
  3. It is a 1" to 3/4" reducer coupler. so a quarter inch larger then the "shaft?". i went to look at the burner but my propane is almost empty so ill have to get back to you tomorrow
  4. im gonna stress test it tonight and see if i have any problems. if the rest of the buRner doesnt over heat then im good. thanks for all the input guys im glad i joined
  5. the only thing i really experimented with was different orifices. i originally bought some .035mm mig nozzles. from what i remember it worked fine but i tried a bunch of different stuff to see what would happened. i efentually lost the original piece and happened to have a pencil torch head that fit the threads i tapped once i took the nozzle off.. just so happens to make a perfect jet. i actually made a downsized brass version of your t-burner with a rose bud style tip that i fit to a little 1lb propane tank. worked pretty good.
  6. Yes! it functions very nicely. the burner seems to have an ideal mix. i have it mounted at an angel to reduce chimney effect and i always remove the burner after use to let it cool down faster. i get forging heat without using alot of fuel to. my first forge was a foot and a half piece of thin stainless chimney i scrounged with no refractory so i burnt thru my kaowool super fast.. it was also way too small. I believe i built the burner using instructions you wrote Frosty.. same person? if so thank you
  7. i have it mounted so that the burner sits nearly flush with the shell of my forge. the forge itself is insulated with 2 inches of kaowool and about 1/3 inch of refractory. everything works well however the tip of my burner gets glowing hot after about 20 minutes of use. i havnt had it on long enough to see if the heats will get all the way up to the T fitting because im worried this isnt normal. any feedback would be much appreciated
  8. the little manhole lid is what i first started banging on metal with. it didnt work very well but i managed to make a couple of rr spike knive. my uncle used to work for tacoma rail and gave me a bunch of spikes, busted knuckle pins etc along with this 24 inch of rail which im guessing weighs around 70-80 lbs. i just set it up temperarely until i get a big round or some 4x4's and i was thinking about making the manhole lid into a swage block type thing.
  9. for those who might take my comment seriously a friendly reminder anything found on rr property is said railroads property
  10. sup jose. spent a few days in TJ a couple years ago skateboarding and eating good food. had alot of fun i want to go back sooner then later. thats awesome you can get steel directly from a distro that seems like a huge advantage
  11. look for a RR crossing. ignore any No Trespassing signs they put those up for xxxxx and giggles. besides you havent lived till you been chased out of a yard by a bull
  12. sup man. i went to rehab in spo-compton when i was 16. ive also been through their a few other times neet little town. love eastern washington weather
  13. sup yall. pretty fresh to smithing but ive been doing research for a long time. where my northwestrians at. any questions?