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  1. Picked this old belt driven band saw up for 25 bucks down at habitat the other day. Wheels seem to be about 12 3/8in. Anyone have experience with these old saws?
  2. i don think ill be putting my parker majestic spindle assembly any where near the forge, or running it anywhere near 15,000 rpm's for that matter.
  3. my very nice neighbor offered me this little band saw he picked up for practically nothing at an auction. of course i obliged. I also hit up the owner of the suspension shop down the way about his scrap pile, told him i could make forge him something neat in exchange for a few pounds, he didnt seem to think twice about letting me have at it, made 3 trips on my skateboard and when i came back the last time he had thrown pair of king pins to my pile. anyone have any experience forging these? the spindle is also a hand down from the neighbor, what a guy.
  4. wow you guys have been killing it lately, nice work! i havnt done much forging as the heat lately has been unbearable, besides an hour or two in the evening when i have a chance but i did throw together i little wood lathe and fabbed up a little guillotine tool. i was given a spindle and housing for what i believe was for a Parker Majestic surface grinder that im in the process of rebuilding. I plan on using it instead this oversized motor lol the dies are made from mild steel bar with RR anchor welded to the business end .
  5. my first spring fuller, needs a little grinding on the shank to make it fit.
  6. wd40 was originally designed to protect the Atlas Missile from rust and corrosion, fun fact.
  7. speaking of welding that old monkey ward buzz box has been pretty fun. im horrible at using 6011 but luckily my buddy gave me a bunch of 7018 and this 7014 that works so well you just give it a tappity tap and the slag shell pops off revealing a crispy stack of uncirculated dimes. im getting pretty ambitious with this lathe build. hopefully im not in over my head.
  8. jaeger, find some old hinges and some bolts until the welder man shows up. And skiing/snowboarding can be a deceptively dangerous sport, especially for your casual riders who only make it up once or twice a year if that. it's easy to forget you're gliding as fast as a car on the highway but on sometimes you're on bullet proof ice or just a little dust on crust. not to mention on deep days you got the padding but you still have trees that will most definately win in a wrestingly match against you, even the small ones, take it from me i broke 2 ribs hitting a treet and i was barely moving, my buddy whos an airborne ranger was quite amused at the face i was making he just had to get a picture of me in agonizing pain with the wind knocked out of me. bit of a sick puppy that one.
  9. this knife is gorgeous, im inspired to finish a wrought san mai with a similar grind after seeing this, it just needs a bolster and a hand but ive started two handles already that dont feel right, just too much going on. this is a nice reminder that adding more curves and facets wont always make a nice knife. i'm not gonna just copy your handle dont worry but again thank you for sharing its so pretty but also too nice not to use the heck out of.
  10. speaking of stones i found this 2 sided stone for a couple bucks at a second hand store, looks to me they're arkansas perhaps?? what you guys think? they something like 400 and 800 grit which is perfect for refining a secondary bevel me thinks. you guys have any advice on maintenance for these things? ive never owned a real stone before (at least it looks real to me but im far from an expert obviously)
  11. I've been doing all blacksmith related stuff at night on my days off because its been so hot and humid i barely want to move during the day. unfortunately i cant really hammer and try to do all the cutting i need to do before 9ish. I've developed a good relationship with the neighbors no need to spoil it although its so hard to resist the urge sometimes especially when you finish up a swage or top tool and want to test it. Today was the worst heat wise its been this summer so far, but its cooled down finally so i may go work on a spring fuller i shaped and normalized everything for last night. I used an oddly shaped piece of high carbon steel i found a the scrap yard, it was some kind of latch or coupling with one part that was clearly a hook that got bent so that the whole thing from one side looked like an elephants head lol. one section of it was already perfect shape and size for one side of the fuller and i straightened out the hook (which was a real pain) for the top. The spring is from a coil spring wouldnt you know. Here's a concave forming tool i did last night, not much had to be done accept put a pin between the 2 pieces and weld. i have no idea what that thing used to be but it is low carbon unfortunately so ill have to be careful not to deform it to much
  12. i drilled and riveted from the bottom on the anvil to the top of the stake with a small piece of round
  13. xxxx nice work everyone heres the first stake anvile ive tried, as nasty as the welds are i think they penetrated enough that it will work. made from an old estwing mason hammer
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