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  1. that is xxxxxxx amazing jhcc. this thread has been inspiring me to do some ornamental things. unrelated but do any of you guys have experience with making forge welded sockets? i have an order for a chisel and im rather intimidated. i was thinking for stock id use a rr spike with a leaf spring bit but after peaning out the socket end quite a bit i dont feel like i have enough area to work a socket let alone forge weld it. im still struggling with drawing material width ways in general
  2. san mai ive been working on, have to re-polish/vinegarize as i quenched it again do to an annoying line i got do to missing part of the edge in the first dunk seen in the third photo the brass isnt glued to anything yet just fitted a shoulder so i can still work out the little gaps
  3. i feel that HojPoj dan thanks for the advice hoj, ive always wondered how they did that. im gonna get me some of dat
  4. hmm yeah i really want a black finish tho
  5. awesome man the hardness is perfect. i can bite into it with a file if i REALLY try... and obviously its stood the test of time with no substantial damage. im gonna clean it up a tiny bit more nd paint it black. any suggestions on coating?
  6. Tools/Plumb Co..html from the info i gathered here i decided they started using that logo after he bought out yerks in 1887. i could be wrong. check it out i more then likely missed something
  7. found this lil 5 pound striker. do you guys see these often? its cast steel and seems like the heat treat is still runnin strong
  8. thanks pnut, very reassuring making a mini carving axe with some one of those sickle sections as the bit. also the ulu knife is coming along.. idk is they're simple carbon steel but they're hard as wood pecker lips even without quenching also handled a 5 pound sledge and restored/handle an old chisel....and made lots of borax scales
  9. pnut pretty sure they're pretty dang old. i also got a box of some ancient looking sickle sections, a shoeing hammer head, one ancient horseshoe and a few hundred domed rivets with a rivet header. ive read some threads on hear regarding sickle sections it didnt get me any closer to knowing what they're made from but i know they spark high carbon. also got three unopened five packs of the straight bladed one. i forged welded 2 of em together to make an ulu. infact im gonna go do some hardening tests on them i have so many if they prove decent for blades might weld up some billets as i have a bunch of them. also got my hands on some heavy but not to heavy leaf spring from a trailer.... granted this stuff is mostly for personal progression and gifts and the occasional discounted sale. not claiming to anyone that "this is a 5160 camp axe" more like....check out this little axe i made from scrap leaf spring... 20 bucks? sure why not
  10. first try at a laminated blade, file sandwitched between your average lawnmower blade. scored a bunch of them from a buddy, in hindsight i woulda used something else. a bit too thin for only 3 layers me thinks... anyway i hardened well altho there is one small section on the spine that has delaminated a pretty noticable amount while i think is still functional for personal use im highly tempted to scrap it but ill most likely slap a quick handle on it and run it thru some strength tests as ive been wanted to do that. that way i stand to gain some actuall insight on my work any feedback is welcomed.
  11. that is so sick ted, the black horned griffin who can be seen diving into the firey depths to stoke the flame so as the age of fire may live on.... think ive been playing to much dark souls
  12. just finished these up. second hawk, 6th knife i believe. the tomahawk is leaf spring and the bowie was an old heller file
  13. hoj, it has like a 3/16' shoulder on it and the pieces that fits inside is pretty snug im not to worried about it
  14. did the bulk of the forging on this lil squirrel tail knife and made some good progress this bowie ive been slowly working on. the blacksmith knife 4$ walmart file that wasnt even worth filing with and the other is from old machanics bastard file also got this chisel bit i found at the restore dressed up while waiting for the forge to heat up.. fits perfectly in the pritchel
  15. personally i love all the too obscure for school offensively politically correct stick and poke of an upside down cross face tattoo having ass... excuse me this isnt triggering any of you is it? but hey look whos talking... after all how do you spot a gentrafier anyway? they're the ones that arived right after you did. on the lighter note.. the anvil came! fully clad in shrink wrap but lacking any signs of greasy wax paper. im waiting for my buddy to bring over a pine round that batter suits my height so i rigged up one i had that was cut lopsided. altho i did managed to dampen the ring a fair amount and theres no real noticeable movement