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  1. Hello everyone I will be moving to Vegas here I about a month and was wondering if anyone knew if there were any blacksmithing jobs available in the area. I looked at Vegas Forge but I don’t think they’re hiring and not sure I’d get any job there anyway since I’m only 17. I have a years worth of experience with hand hammers, top tools, and hydraulic presses. I know how to use both gas and solid fuel forges. I’ve done Damascus and Mokume gane. I’ve had about a years worth of welding experience as well if that helps. Im also a striker. I’m a very fast learner and great to work with and can
  2. xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx My idol is alec steele right... um him and his team want to see my set up and my blade that I’m about to make and see my work! I’m incredibly extático and like I need to make this stuff look good. Man am I happy! I can’t believe this is happening like really out of all the people they want to look at my stuff? Woohooo!
  3. I looked it up and that should work great! I know a guy with a 3D printer so maybe he can print me a wax handle. Thank you for the tip!
  4. I’ve heard lots of people talk about that so I think I’ll look into it but will it be able to get all the small and fine details?
  5. Hey yes sorry I’ve been super busy. But it’s going great! The forklift pieces you let me have will be going to the airbase with my uncle so they can machine it for free and then I’ll have a good striking anvil with a hardy and I can’t wait for it. I’ve learned a lot since my last time on here with hammering technique and placement of my workpiece on my anvil which has very noticeably increased production speed by a lottt. I spent half the day yesterday making myself a new and for once... a properly I dilated forge. I tried replicating Alec Steele’s forge and this one was just kind of a quick p
  6. I would love to meet up and do some smithing. I love learning new techniques and info that you guys have... would be a great opportunity for me to learn. Let me know if you ever want to meet up and do some work
  7. I’ve lived in Vegas my whole life and just moved to Utah back in maybe August but come to think of it... I’ve never heard or seen of any blacksmiths around here but I’m sure it’s the same thing as me not seeing any scrap yards but I know they’re here haha. All of my anvils right now are improvised except for my small 15-20 pound anvil/vice. I made my own striking anvil and made it out of mild steel specifically so that when my striker miss hits they don’t chip my high carbon stuff and end up really injuring or killing one of us. But steel wise... my only stock is mild steel which kind of sucks
  8. Well, I just flew into Vegas about an hour or so ago but will be driving back sometime between Jan 2nd and Jan 6th. If I could head over your way and get them that would be awesome. How many do you have? If you have more than one piece then I think flat liner could use some:)
  9. I’ll go ahead and check it out. Thank you very much for letting me know and I’d love to be able to go to some classes. Whenever you get your set up fixed I’d enjoy being able to see it Haha yes sir definitely will make a big difference
  10. Thank you David for the advice as well. I’ll go ahead and try to find out about the repairs. It will be A great day if it can go out my way
  11. You know what... good point. I do love the charm of these old anvils. I was always told the edges and gouges of striking surfaces needed to be fixed but I think I’ll take your advice into account. I would hate to take its charm. I’ve been searching for an anvil for so so long. I hope I can get this one up to par. Thank you for the advice sir My bad I need to read that thread real quick. And as for the repairs for the face... I have no idea where to look for someone who could help me with it and not harm the anvil. Any suggestions if you might know? Oh my I didn’t even notice. I
  12. You’ve got a nice little set up going on there! You really can forge with just about nothing haha. I’ll post my pictures of my current set up tomorrow but this summer I’m building my own welding/blacksmithing shop which I can’t wait for. But I’ve got lots of sheet metal for free and like my original post said.. I have all I need for a gas forge now that’ll suit all of my needs and even some great blowers I got for free off of my local classifieds! It’s like everything took a complete turn around for the better since I made my first post. But thank you for sharing your information and until I g
  13. Hello David and many others that have given me great advice on this topic. I definitely have not been chased away and yes it is rather unfortunate that there was a big dilemma going on here... but as for my location I have no problem at all sharing it... complete didn’t think about putting it out there for those in my area to be able to help. I live close to Salt Lake City, Utah. If any smiths are in my area I’d absolutely love to be able to stop by and watch some work take place and learn. I’ve been studying methods and stuff for about a year now and have been doing actual blacksmithing for a
  14. I’m a young blacksmith at the age of 17 and I don’t have enough money to buy myself a nice old style anvil. Heck I can’t really afford any anvil as a matter of fact... I’ve been using a railroad anvil that my uncle was given since I started and I’m definitely tired of it. It’s rounded face makes things quite difficult and I can’t even get a hardy hole or anything because I don’t have the tools available(all damaged and tools in need of repair). But I had a gentleman come to my house that lives more than 100 miles away to make me a very generous trade of two 5 gallon bucket sized steel cans and
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