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  1. Does any one know we’re I could get an old 140 pounder any were in north western wyoming
  2. This is the anvil I have now minus the hot cut I forged this morning Ok how’s TPAAAT work
  3. Ok but I don’t want to go too far to get a bigger anvil
  4. Were is a good place to find an old anvil in wyoming this may be a hard question to answer but I need something a bit bigger than 55 lbs.
  5. I wouldn’t drink from mine it doesn’t even look like water anymore
  6. Less smell from the dead squirrel and more Dr Rockys hair tonic.
  7. I sand the sides off my handles so they are more square Or more water then the squirrels might think it’s a hot tub after you cool a big pice of metal in it
  8. She is a very good dog That rock looks very comfortable
  9. I learned very fast...but now that I think of it he watches me a lot and I showed him hammer accuracy with the striking hammer...so I guess that doesn’t really count I will find a new person to try.
  10. I don’t get how this is meant to be hard for people who haven’t yet set in there hammer accuracy... he sed it took years for his hammer accuracy And I am not talking me I’m talking about my wood turner brother
  11. I was told by a somewhat blacksmith in Cody Wyoming that if you could hammer in a 16 penny nail with the ball peen on a ball peen hammer you could preform accurate hammer blows is this true I already did this and to me it was easy...he sed he couldn’t do it for 6 years I did it in 2.
  12. I all really do all those things...
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