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  1. I read this one a while back I thought it was funny. “He who goes to the blacksmith shop comes back with scorched clothes”. is it just me? Quin
  2. Ok so they couldn’t do 325 after they thought about it they said 495… but I told them I wasn’t going to buy it if it wasn’t good they agreed and next one in in the area I will do the ring and rebound tests
  3. She agreed on $325 so I will do the tests and if it passes I will surly buy it
  4. If it is a hay Budden and the rebound and ring tests are good should I get it… I know hay Budden anvils are good anvils and it could clean up nicely
  5. She said her son was a blacksmith and it was his anvil and it was never welded on It has to be better than this Chinese cast anvil that I’ve been using It’s inside right now so it doesn’t rust
  6. Ok can any one tell me what this anvil is worth before I buy it It is 100 lbs
  7. Does any one know we’re I could get an old 140 pounder any were in north western wyoming
  8. This is the anvil I have now minus the hot cut I forged this morning Ok how’s TPAAAT work
  9. Ok but I don’t want to go too far to get a bigger anvil
  10. Were is a good place to find an old anvil in wyoming this may be a hard question to answer but I need something a bit bigger than 55 lbs.
  11. I wouldn’t drink from mine it doesn’t even look like water anymore
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