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  1. Yeah was thinking about that I'll keep that in mind for my next one thanks
  2. Didn't know if that was just buying an anvil or his first,
  3. How long have you been doing iron work?
  4. Haha I see it as more brownie points for time at the forge, but yeah you've got to give to take
  5. no I haven't ill check it out tonight, and no the amount of times iv been to the science museum I can't belive iv missed it Haha quick Google and yes iv seen the amazing steem engines there
  6. Hi Iv been playing around in my back yard for a few years on and off now but it's hard with a full time job and 3 kiddies. Recently had a talk with my partner and she understands a bit more and I'm not just hitting things with a hammer hahaha. Always thinking about the next project, and love talking about it but I don't personly know anyone around here that does this extraordinary hobby
  7. Oh sorry, my bad ill get the hang of this at somepoint hahaha
  8. Haha no just a cheep padlock key What size stock does everyone use for a standard leaf
  9. Looks great man, love how many styles there are when doing leafs I removed the quote, please read this... The quote feature
  10. What's the best way to find out if its iorn or steel
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