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  1. Walter,

    Tim McCoy here.  Won't you call me? 702-308-9452.


  2. Walt,

    I am still alive and well.  Wife died and I moved to Pryor, Oklahoma.  If you are still out there call me at 702.308.9452  I hope that all is well with you.  Will be starting blacksmithing again in Spring.  Have to reassemble some of my equipment but that wont take long.  Best Wishes-Tim

  3. Doesn't that thing need a spark arrestor?
  4. Pocket knife, kleenex, headbands, solar powered/windup radio, folding chair, stash of screws and nails, and Vicks in a jar.
  5. Late entry here, but couldn't help reaching out - Great looking knife! As a former LEO I can assure you that many officers pack all the weapons they can. Take a look at a policemans belt, many have somekind of spray, taser, ASP/baton, auto pistol with lotsa bullets, flashlight that doubles as a striking tool and somewhere there is a knife. They carry folders, neckers, and whatever they can. For the last decade or two major police departments have taught the 21' rule. Many tests have shown that an assailant within 21' of an officer can get close enough to touch the officer in less than 2 seconds. That allows the assailant to use the hand, knife, stick or the ever handy bottle to strike. Once the movement starts the officer has the count of two (and he is starting late) to make his own move, put a weapon in the hand and decide how to use it. Try it some time - it happens kinda quick! Most times officers go for their shooter. Most officer knives are used for support work like cutting and prying. In any case, anything that you need and don't have is just wishful thinking. I think your design and handle treatment are a great marriage of style and functionality coupled with cost saving. I would be proud to carry your knife on either side! Tim
  6. Ditto on the "all scrap metal is good" . . . if you don't have a use for it, someone does. Whether you hoard it, sell it, trade it or work it you should never leave a piece of metal behind unless you can't find enough friends/tools to help you load it up :rolleyes:
  7. May God grant him the choice of hammers and anvil that he'll need to continue on. RIP
  8. I can't resist - not trying to hijack thread or violate "rules", but here is a link to Popov's web page don't hesitate to let me know if I dun wrong!! http://www.kuznya.kiev.ua/kak.html
  9. Saw this anvil months ago at another site ... seems perfect for those who want basic/primitive/inexpensive as a total outlay/ portability and stylish. It crosses so many thresh holds. Copying one by casting your own or doing a serious weldup from suitable scrap would be fun. Concave tops, as dicussed here in other threads, seems to maximize your work force without having to go to a heavier anvil that you may not be able afford. Also, to some extent it seems it would be very helpful in working with a striker ... a tool that is so wonderful to look at. Seems fresh out of nature, maybe Fairie made with just a bit of magic hidden in there. Thanks for sharing!!
  10. Finding a suitable stump or building a stand out of 2x lumber both will work. Whatever you use for your stand allow yourself to have to (2)holes to set the iron into. One for vertical use and the other for horizontal and the edge mods suggested by Frosty - ditto. Fine piece of iron to learn on and user friendly on moving it around. Great find!!
  11. Most metal business cards are actually etched . . . saw some folks who used little cd's ... about 2.5" across with a slide show of their work/services ... very different.
  12. Tim McCoy

    Identification help

    I vote tuyere with the ball thingamagig acting as a diverter
  13. Interesting thread - IMHO seems to me that eating like a paleolithic fellow might be fun for a while, but I submit that there is a reason that as many as could moved into a village/town, not the least of which was more ways to get extra clamshells for foods and meade :blink:
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