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  1. Too light to fell the trees. It's a precise hewing axe to make good things
  2. Exactly! I should try this as well. Thanks Frosty!
  3. Hello everyone! I have made a small video to show how the solar axe is performing in real life. Note the option of taking the axe head easily off the handle and use it as a plane
  4. Solar Axe #3. The back became longer and more massive. Everyrhing else as usual. Steeling and pure forging. Weight 620 g
  5. Solar Axe #3. The back became longer and more massive. Everyrhing else as usual. Steeling and pure forging.
  6. But it is so nice to simply press the button and do nothing but watch the fire!
  7. I am absolutely with you Thomas! Spend 10 years working solely on bellows at the museum forge in Kiev. Have had enough fun with it.I I deserve now some little electricity ))))))
  8. ha- ha! You revelead my plans. I was going to ride myself on that seway. Just need a good battery bank to stick into anvil pipe. I could also run my power grinder and drill from it Thanks Tkunkel! No problem with poles. The basin is filled with char coal (fines from the bottom of the bags) and you just keep pouring a bit of water with mug to keep the fire centered and prevent coal waste. The water evaporates and cools the coal below. The basin gets only a bit warm Thanks! It's in the bag. You take off from bottom plate whenever need to get into the train or bus or manage the stairways.
  9. Hello Everyone! I would like to share here with latest design of Rolling Anvil set up which I have developed in pursuit of ancient blacksmith spirit of freedom and common sense as well as modern concepts of sustainability and living lightly on the Earth. The Rolling Anvil evolved further and became more light, compact, mobile, efficient and sustainable! The new set up has been combat tested month ago during my return trip from Ukraine to Switzerland (buses and trains) where I did a blacksmith demo at the old castle near Basel. The forge (stainless basin) has been put on trekking poles tripod. The steel mesh hood topped with sieve was used for spark and wind protection. During transportation it is rolled down and put into anvil stand pipe. The blower I use now is cheap 12 DC air pump for blowing matrasses found anywhere on the net. In this case it ran from 10 Amp/H power bank which itself was charged from solar panel. The anvil became a bit lighter (24 kg). The anvil stand (and cart at the same time) can be disassembled into plate and pipe in case it needs to fit in some limited luggage space. In case heavier works are involved a gabion is arranged around the anvil. The set up is highly efficient allowing to heat and forge quite massive pieces like axe or hammer but mobile and compact at the same time. All is needed on place is char coal and this can be found in any supermarket or gas station.
  10. Solar Axe 1 by Bogdan Popov Weight 500g, dimensions 130X130 mm, steeled edge, pure forging
  11. The wheel base is interchangeable depending on the situation. I just couldn't resist this nice blue-yellow combination which reminds me the the flag of Ukraine))))) I will!
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