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    I train in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu / No-Gi Grappling & Rope Making. Now I am beginning to learn Blade Smithing.

    My Forge:
    This is what I made:

    My Anvil:

    My hammers:

    I use these pliers instead of tongs:


    Safety glasses:

    All in, its less than $50.

    I grind & shine my work with these:

    Angle grinder:

    Extra pads:

    Vice: (this thing makes life A LOT easier)

    My research Materials:

    The Complete Bladesmith: Forging Your Way To Perfection, by
    Jim Hrisoulas

    Wayne Goddard's $50 Knife Shop, Revised, by Wayne Goddard

    Knifemaking Unplugged, by Tim Lively

    Robb Gunter's Super Quench:

    Feel free to add me as a friend and send me any advice you have.

    Oh yeah!
    This is how I want to be thought of after I try my hand at Blacksmithing ->

    How I will most lily end up! LOL ->

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  1. George Lucas may be sending you a letter, be sure to have “plausible deniability”!
  2. Is that notch for The Rebels?
  3. You’re correct. The dimensions are off, it started out that way, but ended up much bigger and heavier than it should be. I’ll be trying again soon. Thanks for the feedback.
  4. Thank you all for the information. Have any of you posted the results of y your blackening or Parkerizing methods worked to get you a deep, jet black look?
  5. Over All Length, 5-1/2 feet long and the spear head is made if 3/8 inch thick steel. The spearhead is my Stock Removal project, I hand made the jute rope wrapped around the top quarter to cover the bolts that secure the steel to the wood and add texture. At the shoulders, the spear head is 4 inches across. I screwed a steel ring to the shaft at the bottom that can be used for a myriad of reasons. Now its time for Beta Testing! I’m gong to put it through a car door, a wooden dorm and anything else I can find. I may give it to a friend who is an enormous Strongman/Powerlifter and see how much damage he can do with it. I’ve recently started experimenting with etching, I used PCB etchant from Radio Shack on another blade, the results were nice. I am going to etch my next spear, however I want to make the spearhead black. To get the same high-contrast that the folks over at Zombie Tools use. I think they also use ETEC-502 somewhere along the process. Any advice and constructive criticism is appreciated. Example: Thanks, Kwisatz
  6. I really like that. I wrapped the handle on one of my knives with rope as well. i am going to add shellac.
  7. Thanks, I may try that method.
  8. Beautiful work. Specifically, what method did you use to attach the handles to the blade?
  9. Off to a great start! The spikes make fun work. A great way to cheaply practice technique and good for gifts. When its done, try soaking it in vinegar for a weekend and then scrub it off. Leaves a nice shine.
  10. Spartan and utilitarian. I like it, thanks for sharing!