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  1. I have them in my fabrication workshop since father's time. and they are pretty good for my fabrication work that is straightening, bending, sheet metal fabrication works, etc. I have seen many of them around me. if you would like i can send photos of my press
  2. well as far as my experience and knowledge goes these are not the type of presses which goes mechanized by power. between you have shot for applying working principle of forging screw presses but i dont think that will go work on such small level effectively. still the flywheel which you are using is creating the inertia for your working i will definitely never suggest someone to do this, 1. too much hectic 2. you will need geared motor (costly stuff and finding one in junk yard is next to impossible) 3. you will need custom built bevel gear (another costly stuff) 4. there are maybe chances of loosing power rating so all and all i would never try to modify instead try another hydraulic press hope this will help you
  3. perfectly said as far as my opinion concerned a bend and broken both are failure and as this week was concerned Illya was a certain winner for shield making. I watched his videos over man at arms as compared to them his knife came out under expected.
  4. so the the waiting ends right here I managed to complete it with fabricating a stand for it more descriptive images are here
  5. i found out that those chienese blowers were not meant to be made working for long time, in long term run the whole roatar and field windings got heated up and due to collasion winding got short
  6. so far so busy these days but i managed to have some progress i managed to put fabricate housing with a elbo as i do have a bottom blast except elbo all other parts are coming from my scrap there is a flow control which is just been in design and i have used it first time will provide more detail about it when it will work but for info when you move this hex head this will change amount of air out And for all the balancing Fans Yess!! my fan is already is pretty much balanced and didnt gave any kind of balancing problem in my test run!! And thus it is proved that you can make your own fan in welding workshop
  7. right now i am thinking about full speed and direct mounting but if problem comes i do have option of step down pully
  8. 1. these welds what you saw here are just tac weld i am going to full weld those from both sides 2. as far is welding on speed rotation considered i have seen many of my welded job turning on high speed and taking deep cuts and welds always worked fine 3. when the backing comes in play the back or housing which you are viewing right now is going to weld on one metal structure which will going to hold motor and housing both 4. i am still searching for appropriate squirrel cage/ fan blade in market but i am not getting one. i havent thought about handcrank i need to reduce human efforts but i am going to put valve or damper in between blower and forge to control the flow
  9. thanks for idea duckwalk will try it when i will take first run
  10. I had some more progress done before leaving for home fan blades are tapered and positive rake angled to push air towards wall
  11. My search for premade in market is going but many of associates gave Me Negative replies But i do have my backup plan of fabricated fan with tapered and positive rake angled blades Yes internal key way is in holes to hold those keys
  12. After blowing up 2 chinese air blowers on first runs I have decided to make my own air blower (hoping good use of my old 0.5hp motor ) Specification Power - 0.5 hp / 1440rpm Dia of Housing - 10 inch Dia of fan - 8 inch Width of fan - 25 mm Out Vent Dia - 1 inch Right now Mounting Shaft is gone to friends shop for internal key way hope it will do my work will keep all informed when it will perform
  13. another very nice sculpture Das keep coming with more
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