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  1. Wish i could help, I'm new to blacksmithing but would jump at the chance to learn from veterans. Hope you can get it worked out,you'll get whatever support i can give.
  2. Has anyone ever tried this stuff? Don't know how much it cost or how it works exactly, but seems interesting to me..... http://www.cotronics.com/vo/cotr/cm_castable.htm The rescor 760 is rated at 4000 degrees
  3. if your using an electric driven blower, for an on off switch while working at my anvil i use a powerstrip/surgeprotector, just hit the on/off switch on the power strip with your foot when you take your peice out of the fire
  4. Yea i would have liked to have it vertical, but for now my forge is sitting on the bar ground, so im working low right now. Hopefully all that will change very soon :)
  5. just got off work and got dinner made, gonna eat and head outside to fire it all up. Im not planned on putting it on legs right now because i need it mobile and easily storable at night, Still living in a rented house with a tiny front yard. But once i finally close on the house im buying i may try to figure out how to set it up better in the workshop[p in the back of the garage there. WIsh banks didnt take so long to get a clear title on a property :sigh:
  6. Here is what i made for it today, Its 2x6s in the center, and 2x8s on each side. I added a 2x6 spacer for when working on the flat side or the hole side and added a brace and a piece on the end to mount my vise.
  7. Wow thats some good advice, I didn't think about using it in multiple ways, thanks for opening up my newbie brain lol. Yea I planned on making a set of tongs with a couple peices of 24" rebar for my first project. Thanks guys :D
  8. Hello everyone, I'm New to the forums and To blacksmithing in general. I've always wanted to try my hand at it and finally got me a forge setup (Lively Model). Well after searching for an anvil since before i began assembling my forge I came up with something at the local salvage yard and wanted to get some opinions on how to mount this thing. They had some nice forklift forks also but opted to try this instead since I lack a welder or knowledge to weld them for that matter. Its main porpuse will be Bladesmithing and some tools here and there so i figured I would save myself a few hundred bucks and get this for 10 bucks. Thought about concrete in a bucket and burying just past the hole but i wanted to see if any of you pros out there had any better ideas for it..Feels like it weighs about 60-70 lbs. Jeremy Cable
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