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  1. Interested in the type of mortar you used. Was it a masonry type mortar? They make some high strength non-shrink grout that can get up to 10,000 psi compressive strength. We use that type of grout under equipment bases such as pumps, exhaust fans, compressors, turbines, etc.
  2. There is almost nothing worse than a thief but, there is nothing better than a handcrafted wedding ring made with love.
  3. Well executed and I agree the detail is just enough. Very pleasing to the eye. The new owner is indeed lucky and I am sure will enjoy it.
  4. As Mike said it is dangerous to operate a propane forge in an enclosed space like a basement due to the dangerous gases produced during combustion of the propane gas. The main combustion products formed when gas burns are: Carbon dioxide (CO2), a non-toxic gas formed during complete combustion of carbon based fuels. Carbon monoxide (CO), a toxic gas formed if combustion is incomplete. Nitrogen dioxide, a toxic gas. Water vapor. Once combustion pollutants are in the house outside air must be provided to dilute and remove the contaminants.
  5. Couple of pictures of my girlfriend as my wife says. 1982 CJ7
  6. Rockstar, To be clear I am not trying to defend or say higher education has it right. I'm simply stating the current pedagogy. You make some very valid points and I would say the higher education bubble is coming close to bursting. There needs to be some serious changes in higher education and just like the housing market the bubble needs to burst before that will happen. Simple return on investment calculations indicate change needs to happen. Sadly, we could talk all day on tuition and fees and what changes need to be made. Exo313, You make some excellent points.
  7. Currently in higher education teaching methods have and are moving towards collaborative learning. Instructional space is changing so students can work together in collaborative work groups. The days of seating facing forward listening to an instructor at the front of a classroom is quickly coming to an end. Just like library's having books. Each generation learns differently with the adoption of different learning tools. I guess my point is that if you prefer to learn in a collaborative environment you will want to work in a collaborative environment.
  8. Very nice. Your attention to detail produces such an excellent result.
  9. I like your design and execution. I really like how you can easily adjust your racks and change locations. There should be no concerns with the concrete cracking as you have designed it. I would probably not do any heavy use for about 28 - 30 days allowing for a good cure. I have installed large hammer mills to crush limestone on concrete foundations and if anyone has seen one of those run it is a loud vibrating beast. The hammer mill sits on steel plates embedded in the concrete with tons of rebar.
  10. As an Owner we have actually done just that. We have written into the contracts that the Architect must redesign on their dime if the project comes in over budget. We also, require the Architect to provide a detailed estimate at each design phase and we hire a 3rd party estimator to provide an estimate also and we reconcile the two estimates so everyone is on the same page. I have simplified the language but that is the gist of it.
  11. Handle turned out great. I like the end and how you did the pins to match the shape.
  12. I acquired a dolly like that and have found it to be very handy around the shop.
  13. If it is asbestos there are legal ways of handling it without removal which would include encapsulation with a refactory. In the States you would want to talk to someone who has been trained to handle asbestos or someone in the EPA who regulates it.
  14. Put it in a bag or rice like you do when you get your cell phone wet. It's the cure all I hear.
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