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  1. Put it in a bag or rice like you do when you get your cell phone wet. It's the cure all I hear.
  2. Magnetic base LEDs

    First time I actually saw one of these in person was when I found one stuck to the bottom of my car. I had some work done on my car and the mechanic must have forgotten it. I drove probably 100 miles before I found it and was completely amazed at how well it stuck to the bottom of the car. After that I had to go buy one for my self. Has become one of the handiest lights I own.
  3. Made a Forge, Doesn't Work

    Sometimes failure is the first step to success.
  4. beginner shop

    Erop, very nice simple design.
  5. You have a nice shop and some real nice equipment. That hammer will be a nice add. Is that a curtain you can pull down at your garage door? Cool idea.
  6. I have seen anchors get ripped out of concrete before and it is scary. How thick is your concrete floor and what size rebar is in it? Garage floors are typically 4" -6" thick and usually have wire mesh for reinforcing so it is not meant to take any tension loads. Concrete is good for compression but not so good in tension.
  7. What Did You do in the Shop Today?

    I guess that would mean you need to a stainless anvil.
  8. First Gas Forge Build

    Thanks for your reply Mike. I was getting pretty frustrated tuning the burner and had given up for a few months until I was motivated enough and had enough patience to work on it again. My flare is a coupling so I ground down the threads inside so it was smooth which helped considerably and was able to tune it much easier. I had read on here somewhere that the threads shouldn't matter but thinking about it now of course threads would impact the gas and air flow.
  9. First Gas Forge Build

    Frosty, I added some pictures. Let me know what you think of the flame.
  10. First Gas Forge Build

    Here are some pictures. One at startup and one after it has burning for awhile and at operating temps. At operating temps it sometimes start backfiring and I have to increase gas pressure.
  11. First Gas Forge Build

    I am finally back to working on this. Here is a video of one burner running. Looking for some advise on whether I have it tuned right. It is a Frosty t-burner built per his directions. E105FADC-8553-4C6F-8AFA-9F29AA28EA8D.MOV E105FADC-8553-4C6F-8AFA-9F29AA28EA8D.MOV
  12. You could always lay down a 6" - 8" thick pad of what is called crusher run (in my neck of the woods), which is limestone rock sized 3/4" and below mixed with fines so it compacts very well. When you do go to pour your concrete floor you would not need to remove it as long as the top of stone is at the bottom of concrete elevation.
  13. There is a triple zero "000" grade of grease that is like a thick oil that you can use in a grease gun. It's used for dusty and gritty environments. Just as you mentioned a heavy grease will catch all of the dust and grit and it is stuck there forever. It is used mostly in commercial applications so it is hard to get in smaller quantities.
  14. General help on a brick forge/ needing info

    I really do not thinks this kid is for real. Seems like someone just messing around. He has hit every crumundgeon hot button and just keeps coming back with a bunch of other silly stuff.
  15. My 4 year old son

    I'm excited for you Das. Having a baby is one of the most amazing things in life. When you hold your son or daughter for the first time all kinds of feelings start hitting you. Michael C. - Nothing worse than feeling helpless when your child is sick. Glad to hear he is feeling better and on the mend.