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  1. Very nice cards guys, and Im really liking the metal cards too, not cheap though.
  2. Thanks for the advice so far guys, I didnt even consider the ability to write on the card I will have to make sure the backside is white and not gloss. IronWolf I used to own wolves as well, beautiful creatures I even have one tattooed on my ribs, but I live on the highway now and I dont like leaving my dogs chained or penned so until I move onto my acreage no more outside dogs for me. And Im a farmer a mechanic and a firefighter so before I started smithing most of my life was spent making large chunks of iron do what I want haha.
  3. I did a search looking for business card ideas and came up with nothing, I was quite surprised no one had posted such a topic before, and I cant seem to quite decide on mine, so I would like to see some of yours for inspiration. Let's see em ladies and gents. Heres what I have thus far, Havent decided on the stripe color or if I even want the stripe.
  4. They make really neat looking portable drink holders for camping when they are closed off and welded on a chunk of stock that can be driven into the ground.
  5. What would be the advantage. disadvantage between the blacksmith and metalsmith forges? Im looking for something new and I dont feel like redesigning the wheel and building another one of my own as the last one I built aggravates me to no end some days.
  6. While I am no where near where you are I have noticed a lot of the forums I frequent are including maps including locations of all their members, I think It would be a great idea to be considered for this site.
  7. My buddy Joe is going to that course this weekend as well I would have been had I not forgotten to sign up.
  8. I have to work all weekend otherwise I would. Ive got a friend I work with whose also doing some blacksmithing so we"ll have to try and make it out next time.

  9. Zuk, you comming to the meeting this weekend? Don't have to be a member to meet up and see what we are about. Starts about 10:30am until mid afternoon. There is a pot luck lunch too. Just to remind you, it is at the leduc antique site. Hope to see and meet you there.

  10. I took the BLS101 course at nait, shawn cunningham of front step forge was the teacher and Ive been using my coal fired boiler to make some decorative works but nothing in the way of tools as it is the wrong coal.
  11. I couldnt find anything in the search to see all our alberta members so I thought I would start this topic. Ryan Zukowski living in beaumont, alberta formerly from sunnybrook, alberta.
  12. At my work we"ve recently been tearing down some mud pumps and rebuilding them leaving us with some very large rollers from FAG and National bearings as scrap, probably in the two to three pound range. My question is what type of steel are these rollers likely to be and what would be good applications for them if they are worth my time? Thank you.
  13. Twisted angle iron can be used to conceal wiring and gives a very unique look.
  14. Sunnybrook is about 45 minutes southwest of edmonton only about half hour from the leduc heritage center there im looking forward to coming out soon and meeting up with some of you guys and seeing what I can learn.
  15. Hey guys my names Ryan Im from Sunnybrook, Alberta, Canada, I have been interested in blacksmithing for quite some but only last october did I start actively blacksmithing I took an introductory course at nait and purchased some blacksmithing equipment (anvil, post vice, line drive, two blowers one power one hand, and a grinder, and a shoe last with shoes the guy threw in because he didnt want it) Im really enjoying it so far and have started to set up my shop. Looking forward to learning lots from everyone here.
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