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  1. thank you John, I do appreciate your reply ! this forum used to be great for stuff like this.......maybe that'll get a reply
  2. I've come across a few topics and threads that have a list of required parts for a press build and the odd one where press drawings were at one time posted but since deleted....... Im not set on any press in particular yet, many designs out there, more less looking for dimensions and measurements of already ones built if available..... maybe someone has kept there drawings or sketches from their build and wouldnt mind posting......thx
  3. nice , been meaning to make one for a secondary forge
  4. Thanks TD for your reply..... 3450 5HP is what I have in the boneyard where I'd probably go 16GPM but also I have access to a 1725 5HP where I have read that a 22GPM would be better suited....not as noisy, still considering options , thanks for your reply...
  5. Thank you sir , appreciate your reply ! all the best in 2017 !!
  6. LOL , 46 views no replies , oh well , actually correction 1 from reply from a fellow Canadian, thanks Neil as always appreciate your info..... hopefully I can make time and we can shake hands at Caniron this summer !! keep you posted on my press build.... Rob
  7. leaning on this 6'' bore 10'' stroke 2'' rod cylinder for a press build....... pic and specs below........recommendations on hydraulic pump , min electric motor will be 5HP , 7.5HP if required......3450 Application(s) Use to build up to a 50 ton shop press Weight & Package Dimensions Weight (lbs) 107.52 Package (L x W x H) 24.3 x 7.2 x 7.5 in. Attributes & Specifications Max. Continuous Pressure 3,600 PSI Bore Diameter 6 in. Str
  8. worth a second reply , really like this knife , may have to steel a portion of your idea.......
  9. look like it'll work just fine , good job, nice thing about knife making is your options are endless and so are designs........... you'll always get opinions , to wide to big to fat to small to long to short........so just make what you like and what feels good to you.....forge on ! good work !
  10. cool piece , nicely done
  11. nice.......another on the 2 do list !!
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