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Found 17 results

  1. Hello all and thanks for having me! I'm new to blacksmithing to some degree. I've never owned a forge but have been doing my own fabricating for the greater portion of my life also I've been very fortunate to have collected and built a decent metal fab shop that will help me get this thing off the ground. So anyways here is the start of my forge. please feel free to criticize or point out any shortcomings tips, or tricks you may know/see. Thanks for looking. It's made out of some 1/2" Dimond plate I has laying around. 10x12x5.5 deep I may make a insert to shrink it up for smaller work
  2. Hello, this is my first time posting here. I started forging about a year ago and I decided I needed a better forge. It is all 1/4" steel, 4" tuyere with 2-1/2" inlet. The firepot is 11x6x5, don't know if that is too big. Trial and error for the first build I suppose. Still have to make a lever for the air gate. I will be using coal as coke is hard to come by in my area. Any advice / criticism on improvements / upgrades would be appreciated.
  3. I am currently in the process of creating a forge. I have done some research and I have seen mixed reviews on brake drum forges, I don't have the tools to make a proper firepot, nor the funds to buy one. I have thought of making an all clay firepot or a thin metal bowl coated in a thick layer of clay to use as a firepot. Has anyone ever heard of it being done or have any tips of how to do it or clay mixtures. I got the idea from clay crucibles I have seen before. Would any of you recommend doing this or would I be better off with a brake drum forge. Any help or references to other websites would be a great help. Thanks!
  4. Building my own forge and going to use 1/4" plate for the table portion and thinking about a cast iron firepot but not sure which ones are best and where you suggest I pick one up.
  5. Ok...I'm a math flunky and I'm trying to build a new fire pot for my coal forge. What I can't figure out is at what angle do I cut the sides so that I have a square or rectangular pot that fits together?! There is probably an easy way to figure this, but is unbeknownst to me. Could someone give a pointer or two? Is there a calculator for geometry dummies out there or do I have to use online pyramid equation/calculators (which still keep me lost). I want to build a relatively standard firepot and I have 5'' by 1/4 plate. I thought 13 or 14'' sides would be good and about a 4''ish base for a 3'' pipe. Would love some help figuring this...Thanks!
  6. I am building a forge but I think buying a cast firepot assembly may be more functional in the long run. Do any of you know a good place to buy an inexpensive firepot assembly?
  7. So, I've been learning how to use my forge, with some trial and error and disappointing heats. I'm using lump charcoal because I am in town and plan on making my own. From what I've read here I needed a deeper fire, but I didn't want to burn a whole bag of charcoal at a time. So, I got some firebrick and made a firepot with an angle-iron frame: I've had a chance to use it yesterday and today and feel like it is working out well. I think a big part if it is just learning how to run the fire. Today I made a wall hook, hot chisel and round punch.
  8. Hi all I am new to Blacksmitting (well havent started yet, building a forge) i am trying to let an old dream come true... and as this forum gave me the idea on how to build this forge, i like to share with you the progress ;) this is the firepot... it has an opening of 13" X 10" and is 4 1/2" deep, it is made of 1/2" steelplate and this is the air intake on top of the firepot. i think it is called Tuyere in english im sorry if my english writing is a bit off as i am from Iceland and is not very good at writing english. :( hopefully i can post more pic tomorrow
  9. Hi all, I'm in need of a bit of help and advice, I've recently setup a small forge in the garden to start learning a bit of smithing and generally to get a bit creative with lumps of metal. It is made up from 2 scrappy old farriers (?) forges I got off of ebay. My problem is that I've had to use a bit of guesswork when reconstructing it, and after the initial success of a trial run with some charcoal, now I've got some Coke, I cannot get it to light properly or hold a decent fire. I am wondering if I need to build a fire pot in front of the tuyere, or raise the base of the forge up (It is 3" from the air hole at the moment)? I've read about lining the bottom of the forge with sand, is this right? Any advise would be greatfully accepted, as finding pictures of the bases of forges is seeming hard.
  10. I am looking for advice on either a replacement firepot or possibly a modification to my existing one. I am leaning toward a purchase of something along the lines of "the last Firepot you'll ever need." I currently have a home made brake drum forge. The drum in about 9" inches wide at the top. In the bottom I have a 1/4" plate with about five 1/2" holes. A champ 400 stands to the side. It feels as though I don't get the heat that I might get from a "real" firepot. This may be due to poor operation or my set-up. I am prepared to spend the cash to purchase a "proper" fire pot and am looking for advice on what others suggest to purchase or suggest to avoid.