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  1. Thanks for all the great feedback! Geoff, I'm sure up for a visit, but probably not for a bit, trying to get a lot of pieces finished before the holidays, so the hammer is somewhat on the backburner for a few weeks.... Also wanted to share a 2x72 belt grinder I just finished... modeled after the wilmont 3 arm grinder, I love this thing and use it constantly throughout the day! Tookk me about 5 months of on & off working on it to get it finished but it was well worth it.... That's great feedback on this anvil, I really like it, and in my very very inexperienced excitement, I made this yesterday... It needs tons of work, but I like it, and Momma thought it was nice enough to put with her other treasures! Forger, that would be awesome! I have a shop over by Lacey door by Panorama city... There's another member on here Plain Ol Bill, and we are good friends, maybe we can get together at the shop and visit! At it early this Sunday morning, have a bunch of work to catch up on, again, thanks for the warm welcome and great information... Looking forward to visiting the meet at Longview on the 30th! Have a great day! Mike
  2. Done! I'm in the Olympia/Lacey area of Wa state. Great news on the anvil, it's growing on me, I hit a little bit of hot steel on it this afternoon and it has better rebound than my first anvil which is a no name that I paid $300 for! Thanks for the quick response! My other project that I'm working on & will post in the proper forum is a homemade power hammer. Going to be approx. 35-40 pound hammer with a Dupont assembly similar to a Little Giant. I'm going with a double brake rotor/clutch and throw-out bearing type power train on it. I have the base, anvil and main post about finished, and most of the power train finished. Thanks again, I look forward to hanging out here, and learning more... Mike
  3. Greetings! My name is Mike, I've been lurking a while, and have learned a lot from this forum, thanks to all the great folks who hang out here! I'm just getting started with blacksmith work, and have a lot more to learn! I have a smaller anvil that's not too bad, but found this one today that I grabbed sort of spur of the moment, and I'm trying to find out anything about it I can. I paid $200 for it... I have no idea what brand it is, but from the little research I did it appears to maybe a Trenton. I'm guessing the 245 on the left front is the weight, and it does seem to be that weight (oh my aching back!) The serial number on the other hand is not so easy to read... I took a wire brush to it and from what I can see in all the angles and lighting I used, it appears to be 778669, but the first two 7s are a reach, it's just very faint. The guy I purchased it from said he found it buried in the ground on the site of an old barn when he was excavating for a septic field. It does have some moderate pitting on the horn and one side, so not too sure how that's going to affect it's use. Good news is that if it's not that great of an anvil, I already have an offer of $300 for it, so either way I'm money ahead! It has a good ring and rebound, but I'm a little concerned with the condition of the edges and the pitting. I'm just getting started in all this so any help or info on this anvil would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! Mike